Belfort seems to have certain gifts which he cannot harness 100%.

Cro Cop managed to cross over and learn a new game VERY QUICKLY!

To look at for his weight class KID looks to have good genes - he crossed over into K1 MAX with success and his sister (who share the same genes) are very good wrestlers.

Also Sato Rumina, Carlos Newton and Frank Shamrock all look to have a natural advantage in terms of spectaculaly athletic physiques.

Although all these examples obviously have but in a shit-load of work to get where they are, good genetics doesnt mean a great deal unless you have the drive to utilise them.

Wanderlei, I hope that's trolling, for your sake.

Matt Hughes and his brother.

He said his brother does not train and is stronger than him

Only those who are genetically proned can grow such a sweet, sweet mullet.....

The correct answer is Harold Howard. They should have signed him for Rocky 4 to play Drago.... the Russian trash Drago.

Matt Hughes is a genetic freak!

Matt Hughes got owned by BJ Penn.

I think the fact that hes very short gives him a lower center of gravity and makes him stronger.

Its the same reason that all of the guys who hold Bench Press Records have very short arms.

Its all about leverage.

I'd agree with Newton all the way, Hughes, Van Arsdale, and Randy.

I'd don't agree with GSP as his is ALL work, from what I hear at least the guys just got crazy dedication and devotion to being that good. Yeves is up there but the guy is known for busting his ass, when I think of genetic advantage I gotta think that it means a guy can do it without training as hard and that it just comes natural. When i watch carlos its like he is built for this, hes so fluid and just natural, it always seemed to me that he didn't puyt in the time that someone like GSP does, maybe it was his schooling ( wasn't he pre med or something?) that kept him from really excelling further. Randy and Van are old but just freakin monsters and bad asses, Hughes is just a good ole boy bread for retard strength.

Kieth Hackney

Tank has a genetically gifted trash talking mouth.

Hughes, St. Pierre(he outmuscled Hughes if you watch the fight), Cro Cop, Arlovski, Randy, Gomi, Shaolin, and Trigg.

Cro Cop
Frank Sharock

renzo gracie. and stop listing juicers!

Hughes, definitely. His brother doesn't work out at all and is bigger than he is.

"Kevin Randleman"

Brains is genetic as well. As far as fighting goes, the monster is only partially genetically gifted.

Frank Shamrock and BJ Penn.

BJ Penn (ability to learn techniques quickly, apply them in MMA, went from no training to mundial champ in a few years.)

Sato (extremely ripped and athletic at all times, super fast and explosive)

Belfort (amazing explosive power and talent)

Randleman (waste of amazing talent)

"I gotta think that it means a guy can do it without training as hard and that it just comes natural."----------------------------------------------------------------------------------If that's the case, then I have to say Tank Abbott. He came in heavier than he has in 7 years. Outta shape and still KOed Cabbage, while guys like Eilers, Sylvia, and Arlovski failed to get a clean finish while trying VERY hard and landing nonstop shots. Tank steps off the barstool and puts him away w/ one shot.....Tank IS genetically gifted under all that fat.

Fedor on performance alone.

Charlie "Yoda" Kholer