Most Street Fights Are Not Fights

They are an assault and a defense of an assault.

OK, thanks.

Fight does invoke imigary of to guys somewhat equal in ability seeing who's tougher. It's assualt if you can't just walk away before it starts.

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Damn. Ok, you guys must be streetfighters, huh? I guess you carry a timer and whistle with you, so you can have timed rounds. LOL

The escalation of an argument into a physical confrontation is called assault. Period. That's the way most fights happen.

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"The escalation of an argument into a physical confrontation is called assault. Period. That's the way most fights happen."

In many cases I would call that a fight, but I agree that many people here confuce an assult/self defence situation with a street fight.

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I think what he means is that most people here seem to think that someone robbing an old lady is a street fight. The most common street fight in my experience is started by an argument, shit talking, eyeballing or similar very often in or just outside a bar. Followed by guys start getting physical, then trade a few punshes (headbutts are also very common) and often "wrestle" each other to the ground, most street fights end quickly, most often by other people stopping the fight.

AntarcticChamp, those are the ones I would call fights. Most members here seem to think that in a fight there is like a 30% chance of dying.

For the record: Threatening someone is called assault. Actually attacking them is called battery.

Spoxjox is correct.

Theres a diff between Verbal Assault and Physical Assault.

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CZ is the most intelligent person on this thread

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i agree with crazy zimmerman on this, seriously. most situations dont start with dudes knuckling up to eachother.  usually it starts with a sucker punch, and the guy getting hit trying to recover.

Crazy Zimm is correct. I think when a lot of people here say "for the street", they're referring to bar fights.


There is a difference in Assault...Verbal Assault "I'm going to punch you." Physical Assault is mimicking a physical act that threatens to harm without actually making contact.

And yes battery is the unauthorized touching of another person even if it is something simple like putting your hand on someone's shoulder..that's considered battery if its done without consent.