Motivating yourself?

What do you guys do to motivate yourselfs when going though a bad patch?

At the moment I'm doing my workouts but it seems like I'm just "going through the motions".


Change things up Baz. Try a new weight routine for 6-8 weeks. Work in some Scrapper workouts. I hit a spell like this roughly a month ago. I had been doing the Quatro-Dynamo routine for around 3 months & made progress but was just getting tired of the same old same-old. I switched up to a Scrapper workout 4 times a week plus one 'Max Effort' day on Saturdays. Try something different & you'll see your motivation come right back.



I think unless you are a cyborg you will go through one of these stages. Could just be fatigue - continual physical stress on the body leads to 'happy' hormones being depleted if not followed by adequate rest.

Don't forget your body goes through seasonal changes - all the darkness and cold this time of year makes you want to sleep longer. I assume from your name you're a brit (me too for my sins) but just think of the guys in Finland in perpetual darkness this time of year.

Keeping a log helps for me. I also agree with everyone that you should switch things up a bit. Maybe try some unusual lifts and set challenges for yourself.

"I wonder if I can do 100 DB snatches with 54 pounds in 20 minutes, alternating hands. Let's find out on Tuesday."

It's also a helpful mental exercise to remember how weak you were when you first started. Note how much progress you've made. Then consider the lifts that elite strongmen, or powerlifters, or MMA athletes, or whoever you'd like to emulate are putting up and see how much further you have to go. That always gets me fired up.


The Zompocalypse is all the motivation I need.

You could try having a cup of coffee right before your workout. This only works if you're not a regular coffee drinker. I had a cup before mine today and it was the best workout I've had in a while.

lol @ Todd.....

great advice guys...


I'm havin trouble too man. For one reason or 12 others, I get hurt every time I start training. It's hard to keep starting over again and again.