mtn bike vs running vs hiking....

Do these basically have the same benifits? I suck at all 3, but am working at mountian biking and hiking. Would some running help out with more endurance or is it just a "keep at it" thing?

I cannot run anymore but I can tell you that since I have taken up biking I have been surprised at how hard it can be. I think that the intensity at which you do an excercise is more important than the paticular excercise. Biking is hard to start out but you get better quickly. I have been trail and road running for years prior to my accident but it never seemed to get any easier. I would do all three in moderation that way you can get the benifits from all three.

Cool...I eventually would like to get to a point where I can ride to the mountians, hike the trails up and then bike the trails back home. My legs get burned fast when riding up hill. I need a way to build thier endurance. There is a 21 mile trail that I want to try at the end of the summer, but need to make sure I am set for it.

I started biking about 6 months ago and it kills me!.. I don't ever really seem to get less winded the more I do... I just pick a big hill and ride up it as fast as I can, if I can.. and mentally push myself up when my legs are wobbly as hell and lungs are killing me.. then as I am in 4th gear at the top.. hurtin so bad I rest for like a minute.. than I continue on a gradula pace and I reach another hill and the same thing... by the time I get back home my legs feel absolutely numb.. I can barely feel them when I walk.. I have yet to have a squat session burn my legs as bad as biking... but I am not an experienced squatter either..

I don't know why but I always give up running it kills me too but it's so boring sometimes.. a bike is different

Biking always gives me a good cardio workout and makes my legs burn, but it never seems to get easier the way other exercises do. Kind of odd really.

I like biking, it's more fun than running IMO. I have heard that you need to be careful with your hamstrings losing flexibility though, so I usually have a good stretch after going for a ride.

... or a bike that breaks down 8 miles into to sticks.

curses my cheap Taya chain


I agree on the the price of a bike counts. My first bike was a mongoose from Wlamart. I had no idea about bikes, but remember that name brand was good. I rode that bike to death...and it didn't take long. I recently purchased a nice Gray Fisher and noticed 100% difference in the bike and in riding. Will be looking to upgrade some parts in the future.