Muay Thai pics from Thailand!


I was in Bangkok for the first half and Chiang Mai for the second half of my trip. I was there assisting with the filming of a Muay Thai project, but I'll let the producers of that project share the details with this forum, if they choose to do so.

I did not train while I was there, but I would have to estimate that it would be an incredible experience to do so. I'm in terrible shape right now and would have only embarrassed myself and those around me if I attempted to train.

I had very little exposure to Muay Thai prior to this trip and have to confess that it made a believer of me. It's an incredible sport and I suspect that I will be a huge fan for the rest of my life.

Let me know if you would like to know anything else.

Mason White

I just thought of something else that is noteworthy. Thai boxers dont seem to bleed. Of the 30 plus bouts I watched, I never saw a cut. That seems so strange to me.



some good pics man.

Thank you very much to all for your comments. I am striving to improve my skills as a photographer, my second favorite passtime, since I'm no longer able to train much. Your compliments are greatly appreciated.

Mason White

awesome pics. specially the pigeon one

Wow, thanks. I actually felt like I could've done a little better, but it's hard to be objective about your own work.

Mason White

Awesome pics

Mason can you drop my an email..


I will email you when I get home. Dont like to use work email for personal stuff.


Awesome pics! Thanx.
what about the Thai ladies... any pics of those?


Thai women are among the most beautiful I've ever seen and I'm not really too into Asian chicks, generally. I'll try to post some pics later.


They do start very young over there. Most of the guys pictured are in their mid teens, but they start competing at 9 or 10 years old. I have mixed feelings about that part of it.


jeebus @ the 9th pic. That is hardcore. Looks like a 13 year old fighting professional muay thai fight.

Yeah, it's hardcore, but once you see how talented these guys are, you're not as tempted to say "but they're just little kids!" At least I wasn't.
Instead, you find yourself saying, "GODDAMN, I'm glad that kick didn't just land on MY chin, holy fucking ouch!!".


These are GREAT pics!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for showing them on here....

You're welcome!


Great color and action shots, right up in there.

Ive also been to Lumphini, it was an experience for sure.


Thanks. When were you in Thailand?