Muay Thai VS Kanagroo (bad vid)

I'd like to see a rematch with a healthy one.

Stupid Prick - real tough guy beating on an animal that had been injured by an automobile.

Healthy Kangaroo:

Maybe one for the camera man:

this guy is a prick but you have to admit that the knee was well looked like a cyrille diabaté knee

ps : FUCK this dude

 I am assuming the guy had an unhappy childhood. Which I am kinda glad about right now.

its always heart breaking to see any video where some stupid cunt thinks its gonna be funny to hurt an animal

man, i hate people

Hope that a hole gets his.Karma is a bitch.

 That guy should get the death penalty.  And I'm not even into animal rights and all that, he's just a useless piece of shit.

 It blows my mind to see some of the things my human race is capable of. This is up there with that video of the guy who thought it would be a good idea to let a horse hump him in the buttocks. (that guy died)

Roo: "what can i say i just got caught."

Damn that is fucked up :(

All I need is that description, no way I am watching that video.

But I guess we can be thankful that this dumbass filmed himself while doing it. Pretty much guarentees they will be caught and fully prosecuted.

There is something wrong with his brain if he gets enjoyment from this. It is inhuman.

Thats just uncool. Im american and hate peta and their b.s. but I would LOVE to have 10minutes in a locked room he wouldnt be walking. Biggest douche move Ive seen in a long time.

They are looking for this guy out in oz..... my bet is they will catch the fucker and shame him to the world..... that would be a just punishment imo.

They should put him in with a fucking sex deprived horny Silverback.

"pretty much guarantees they will be caught and fully prosecuted"

problem is even if they are caught, they will get a slap on the wrist, maybe a month probation....

id like to see that punk try to outbox a grizzly bear...

I won't watch this video.

I don't hunt, I do fish...but cruelty to animals fucking sickens me. Put him in a room w/ Fedor or someone, see how tough he is then.

There is dignity in hunting and fishing.... usually the hunter respects its prey and consumes it.

This display is just 1 step away from Jeffrey Darma head in the ice box shit.....

They always start with animals!

I say his punishment should be to face an onslaught of angry 'roos.

Truemanc3 - 
They should put him in with a fucking sex deprived horny Silverback.

I agree