Much respect for Herschel Walker...

I've been huge fan since he was the top running back in the USFL. I just hope to god he doesn't embarass himself like Johnny Morton.

Heisman Trophy winner

US Olympian

NFL Great

 Olympic Bobsled Team

Apprentice contestant

PRops HErschel!

Motivational Speaker

He looks horrible!Atleast for a pro fighter.As a nearly 50 yr old man OK at best.

ez - He looks horrible!

No, he really doesn't.

He has good wrestling, and a nice base.

Still needs sub work and his standup looks rigid but he doesn't look too bad at all...especially as a newcomer.

ZERO head movement. will get killed by anyone who knows what they're doing.

He doesnt look bad at all.

Seriously,on a pro card at a major event.Hell i have plenty of ammature guys id love to have an opponet like him.His opponet just looks worse.

 for people saying he sucks... shut the fuck up... he is out there and you are behind you computer not doing shit

He looks good for a 47 y/o man with 4 months training.

 im now a fan...dude is nice

Walker is kicking his ass.

Good gas tank, awesome strength, good wrestling.

If he had started when he was young he would have been a world champ.

This is what a world class athlete looks like, even at 47!!

respect to HW.

TKO due to shoulder strikes. PROPS to Walker.

Guys i just got back from a fight,as a matter of fact im at some event nearly every weekend.For an old man i respect him but as a coach/school owner in a sport that only a few could ever survive off the $.I hate to see someone like this get TV time when theres so many deseving guys out there.Guys that get fired if they take time off to train.Guys that have to quit fighting because they have children to feed.He's probably a great guy but any of you that says he looked good enough to be on a show this size,you need to find a quality gym and start training.