Muscle and Fitness Article

The new M&F has an article on the cover entitled,"Burn 1000 Calories-In One Workout!"

I picked it up to see what the workout was, and it basically is an interval routine followed by weights, the total expenditure equalling 1000 calories.

The interval routine was something like this, on a treadmill:

10 min warmup, not faster than 6 mph
20 min intervals, alternate 1 min each at 9mph and 5 mph(I think it said 3mph actually, but that is walking, so I bumped it up)
5 min rcovery/cooldown, not faster than 6 mph
10 min intervals, same as above
5 min cooldown

Might try it next week, I need to start running for when I go to jump school this summer.

I burn 1000kcal per hour on the eliptical at level 10. It really depends on your lbm.

I do 1000-1200 calories per hour on the treadmill now, just walking between 3.3 and 4.0 mph, on an incline between 12 and 15 degrees...

I'm not going to start running and doing intervals again till I get my weight down to about 230... too hard on the knees and ankles at this weight...

If you have access to an elliptical machine, you can do intervals on that. Using one of those is the bulk of my cardio now.

saint39 - good point. I do have access to an elliptical, I'm just used to using the treadmill for the bulk of my cardio... what can I say, I'm a creature of habit. :-)

Thanks for mentioning that though... I have been thinking about trying that Tabata Intervals thing, so maybe I'll jump on an elliptical or a bike when I workout today, and try that...