Must SEE film. . .

I don't usually post movie recommendations. But tonight I am. If you have not seen the movie called 'the corporation', then you will want to.

Regardless of what you think your political affiliations, or tendencies are, this movie will be informative and interesting.

I think it points clearly to the major issues of morality, values, and ethics, that our children will be dealing with in the coming decades.

If you are near Portland it's playing at cinema 21 for 8 more days. If not, check your local theaters in major metro areas.

And for everyone else, you can actually get this on netflix now. So anyone anywhere can watch it.


-Matt Thornton

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International schedules for "The Corporation" are available at the website. As Matt has already said, this really is a must-see film.

Take this to the OG BUDDY! This is a JKD FORUM! Moderators? Adam? Rory? Just kidding Matt. Corporation sounds facinating - I liked Farenheit 9/11 and want to see Supersize Me as well.

I'm up for a Sunday afternoon viewing if any Portland or Beaverton peeps are up for it. Molly said that the sodas and popcorn are on her, so don't pass this up! I'm good to go anytime after 1:00...



I hear the coorp. is awesome and objective for a doc)-- let's the facts speak for themselves-- in that way a bit different from f/9/11

here's a review by Robin Munro:
""If coorporations were people, what kind of people would they be?" is the question posed, and answered by the canadian doc. "The prototypical psychopath," diagnoses a top, consulting psychologist for the FBI... [the thesis] is surprisingly supported by of CEO's,coorporate spies and advertising execss who willingly, almost cheerfully, damn the source of their livlihoods. Rather than attacking these top-level execs as individuals, the directors attack the coorporationhs themselves, entities that by definition allieviate personal responsability. No egos are overtly hurt, no reputations smeared. The Coorp., while disturbing, is not dystopic. By showcasing movements that have effectively undermined coorporate agendas, The Coorp. demonstrates the power possessed by groups of people unified to achieve a bottom line. A strategy, ironically, inherently coorprate.""

A film with contributions by Michael Moore, Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky called "very objective"...hmmm, interesting. Nextflix, here I come.

I thought this was going to be about Aliens vs Predator

"A film with contributions by Michael Moore, Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky called "very objective"...hmmm, interesting."

Very interesting, and I am sure not the least bit biased.

I'd add the movie 'Garden State' to that list as well.

Garden State came out already? I would have to check it out!

While we're recommending movies I'll forward "Napoleon Dynamite". Funniest movie I've seen in a LONG time.


corporation -is commie fascist propaganda

garden state -is idiot Scrubs propaganda

napoleoan dynomite -is mormon moron propaganda

what should u watch?

2F2F DVD SE its GOldennnn

"idiot Scrubs propaganda" sounds good to me!

paul, I have been hoping my psychiatrists would see that for years;) I have reached adjustment! Now for enlightenment...

I saw Garden State today and really enjoyed it, I would recommend it.


re: The Corporation

While I would agree that it is a must see film, and I enjoyed in, it runs long. It has a point, and hammers the same point over and over and over.

Important information, sure...but as a film it could have been and in my opinion should have been edited to be shorter and tighter.

I just saw Supersize Me --- it's worth seeing, but YUCK!

I must also recommend the new Jet Li flick, Hero.

Simply the best martial arts movie I have ever seen (and I have seen ALOT).

Beautiful cinematography and spectacular fighting scenes that put Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to shame.

Go see it now!

How about Jim Jarmusch´s "Ghost Dog"?

I must also recommend the new Jet Li flick, Hero.

Hero was released in 2002. Miramax bought the US license and hasn't released it in the US until now. I saw the film about a year ago, and saw the US release this weekend.

The intro credits and the stuff after the ending procession are new, IIRC, probably added for the US audience.

I love Hero, and recommend it highly. Even if you don't like wire-fu, you'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful film. Every frame is gorgeous.

How about Jim Jarmusch´s "Ghost Dog"?

I liked it, but I would imagine most people wouldn't. It's a mix of samurai, hip hop, and ganster film genres thrown together and takes it's time meandering to the the end.