MW's trying to break into the top 10 and win gold

Du Plessis is champ.

Adesanya gets the next shot and is ranked #2. Strickland is #1 and should be champ in a lot of people’s minds. Whittaker, Cannonier and Vettori hold the #3-#5 spots.

We know Chimaev vs Whittaker is in June with the title fight in August.

Vettori pulled out of last night’s fight with injury but nobody seems to know what is next for Cannonier and Strickland.

Allen is #6 and has a 7 fight win streak now as of last night.

Costa, Imavov, Hermansson, Dolidze and Chimaev round out the top ten in the rankings.

I’m really enjoying watching Bo Nickal, Roman Kopylov, Brunno Ferreira, Rodolfo Vieira, Ruziboev, Aliskerov, Borralho, Hernandez, Curtis, Rodrigues, Muniz, Pereira all trying to climb the ranks and break into the top ten here. These are those MW’s outside the top 10 you want to keep an eye on.

If UFC did cards by weight classes, the MW cards would be the best cards of 2024.


How is this possible? He’s 9-5-1 in the ufc and, more importantly, 13 of those 15 fights have gone to decision. Dude is overrated. Idunno why. He’d whoop my ass, he’s an elite fighter, but he’s not top 5 in the fucking world.

I agree its a not a great ranking. UFC lets guys sit in the rankings while losing and being pretty inactive.

Vettori has held that 5 spot since going 3-3 since the start of 2021.

Allen has gone 9-1 since the start of 2021.

Just because you are getting bigger names… a 3-3 fighter should not get to hold a spot over a guy like Allen who is 300% more active and not losing as much as you.

You should not have to beat a guy to get his spot in the rankings if he is inactive and losing and you are active and winning.

Activity and winning need to be rewarded more losing and inactive fighters don’t need to hog spots they earned years ago.

Tony was like that, he was still kept in the top 10 when he had like a five or six fight losing streak still.

Hell, they kept Conor in the LW rankings when he had not had a fight in years.

Rankings have some validity but they are also political and marketing.

Allen is 4-0 since the start of 2023 with wins over Muniz, Silva, Craig and Curtis.

Vettori is 1-1 since the start of 2023 with a win over Dolidze and a loss to Cannonier

All Vettori did in 2022 was lose to Whittaker and Allen went 3-0 that year.

So yeah, UFC lets the losing and inactive fighters just sit there and enjoy a high ranking for way to long.

Rankings need to reflect the past year of activity more and no rank you based on some big win you got four years ago.

I just simply can’t bring myself to watch him fight.

I’ve done it a handful of times and will never do it again.

I know it’s not at all justifiable, but I’d love it if they plugged Paulo Costa into a title opportunity.

I’ll never miss one of his fights.

And the thought of him being champ and the shit he would talk would be amazing.

When you break it down like that, Middleweight kinda sucks lol

Yeah, you must be right, thats all people say about Adesanya, Strickland, Chimaev, Whittaker, Nickal, Vieira, Aliskerov, Muniz, Hernandez, Allen… they just suck.

Adesanya KOed Alex Pereira and Muniz submitted Jacare and wrecked his arm but Pereira and Jacare kinda sucked too.

Remember how many times Anderson, Hendo and Bisping lost, man those MW’s sucked too.

When you stop and think about it, everyone sucks.


The Secret Juice will one day carry him to the title, don’t worry man, it is destiny, porra.

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Jesus man you ok? Lol

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Too much coffee too fast. My bad.

That is the deepest division. There are dudes in the 11-25 range that would be a problem for top 5s. @closed guard often has retarded posts.

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It happens I suppose. Im just not that excited for MW? I think BW, FW, LW and WW are all more interesting.

MW has a ton of boring fighters and so many match ups already happened. Outside of Chimaev (who is gonna get smashed) the top 15 isn’t that fun

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Can Allen beat Hazmat?


Remember we haven’t really seen Khamzat fight a top 30 MW.

When he fought G MeerShart , Gerald was outside the top 30

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Brenden loves a RNC, if he makes it out the 1st rd unscathed then Kham gasses and Brendan slaps in a RNC

Last time I saw hazmat he looked like he was half dead

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(Insert Matt Serra meme)

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lol for some reason @ “meet shart)

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