My Fight with Josh Neer

The kid could punch good and was throwing good combo's. To be honest, I never really was into the fight. I had shitty warmup and was basicly flat. I had a long drive in the day of the fight, which was 14 hours. I rode all night and got into des moines @ 4:30 pm and was at arena at 5:45 pm. I fought 31 previous times and I will be honest but I dont know if it was from the drive or what but after Neer Caught me in first round I got up but my legs were gone. I felt ok but was staggering all around. I only felt this way twice before in the ring once vs Tim Bowe and 2nd vs Bruce Corby. I watched the tape and only went down once but was getting blasted when got 2nd 8 count. I underestimated the kid, he's got skills and some pop. I am not making excuses and I give Neer his Credit, he is tough kid and can box. I was waiting around trying to get him to tire out a little but got caught. I get stopped alot but this time was a good stoppage, I am not complaning. I was hit and hurt and could not recover. Most of the other fights were pitiful, And yeah If i could get some of those I would go back, long drive in all. But I give Neer Credit, I should have just went out and threw crazy but Neer got some pop. I dont ussaly get dropped like that. The kid could win some fights. overall the people in des moines were cool. all the people here talking shit why didnt you come up and talk shit to my face? warfrog was the only 1 to come up and say Hi. DMI fightguy, I walked right by you when I was leaving, why didnt u say shit then?



Honestly man if you would stop with the bullshit here and just fight well you probably would have a lot of fans.. But I expect you to continue your assholish ways.

No shame in losing to Neer

At least you showed up this time. Please continue to do so and act like a pro fighter and then I will show you support.

I can't believe I'm saying this but...

Classy post NAA, stay the course and you'll probably make some friends here.

I underestimated him and got caught, could not recover. IT was one of the worst fights I had. I fought good guys before and took many, many shots to head before I was stopped but this time I just could not recover and lost. I need to fight some of the other guys there, maybe DMIFIGHTGUY next :) I basicly did this for free, so I would go back and do it again. I thank Chad B for having me and treating me with respect despite all this UG hate.

I thought that was a nice post by NAA.

All I can say Is he beat me, is that good enough? I fought real good fighters before and thought this was going to be cakewalk. The kid throws with good power and throw good combo punches. I wasnt in any type shape but thought I would beat him easy straight off the bar stool, I guess I was wrong. shit happens. I would fight again for Chad B against DMIfightguy if it could be made!!!! winner take all

I never got 100 a round, Like I said I didnt make money, I broke even on the travel! From the MMA I saw at this event, yes I think MMA strikers are limited. I fought a kid who fought well, thats all I can say. I say Chad B is a nice man and good promoter and treated me with respect. He gave me what we agreed upon and was a good guy.

Props to you NAA for having the courage to get in that ring in the first place.

You lost nothing by getting in there in the first place and gained everything by having the manhood to test yourself like that.

Respect, respect, respect.

As far as I am concerned, it has nothing to do with you losing a fight, this one or any other. I have a great deal of trouble giving you the respect I give other fighters because of the way you conduct yourself here, the things you say to and about other fighters, the way you denegrate MMA and MMA fighters in general, talking way over the top to get attention and get a fight, and all the attention you do get when there are so many good young MMA fighters out there working hard to try to make it in this sport and to improve themselves. If you would act more like the professional you would have us believe you are, I would give you all the respect in the world. As long as you continue to act as you have in the past, that will be difficult for me.

On the flip side of things, I have absolutely no time for racial slurs and personal attacks that others level against you, either. I can not like the way you act, disagree with much of what you say, yet still treat you decently, and I think everyone else, including you, the ones who don't like you, etc., can and should do the same.




but anyway, back on subject, i do appreciate you showing up krull

once you stop talking shit, stop making excuses, and show some respect  you will have more respect. You will have it whether you win or lose. I honestly hope you keep fighting and respect the fact you showed up.

BTW Spencer Fisher is waiting for you to break his jaw like you claim you will :) IMO he is in the top three boxers in our gym.

i would give my left nut to be able to train with you guys pbolger....literally

Dude, I am not here for respect. I THOUGHT I WOULD WALK OVER NEER AND PAYED THE PRICE. THAT SIMPLE. I DONT CARE IF I GET ANYBODYs RESPECT. NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE HERE STEPPING UP TO FIGHT Josh Neer. I did and didnt win that simple. dmifightguy is next! maybe I can win that one :)

TTT, I will always be asshole on net, getting dropped wont change that :)!!!!!

Okay. Guess I misunderstood on this and other threads. Sounded to me like you were looking to be respected as an experienced professional boxer with 30+ fights and didn't like the way people disrespected you. It also sounded like you liked the fact that the promoter at this last show treated you with respect. I guess if you like things the way they are, then you are going about it the right way and power to you.