My knee made Crackkkk

I was training in BJJ this afternoon with this SOB who is 210 pounds of fat while I am 160 and he was going all crazy.

everybody in the club is better than this SOB because he has no techniques and as he is much bigger than me he wanted probably to take a vengeance and was going all crazy on me.

anyway I was scooling him keeping him in my gard when suddenly he felt on my knee.

I heard "Crack!!!!"

I told him.."look man..go are too fat...use technique if you want to progress" and as I was quite pissoff, i just told him "lets continue" and I made him tap one r two times.

anyway, now i am at home and i fell my knee all fuck up.

I have no problem to walk or run but it feels like something is not as the right place.

it hurt and I really feel like my knee is not in a good position. It is just a feeling because by the look it looks normal.

what can it be? any doctor?

You should have thrown 30 punches at his face in 10 seconds like Belfort. Show him he should not mess with Paris Bad Boy

he felt on my knee when not up but when my leg was on the side...(kind of a sitting gard)

newt class (if my knee is not uinjured and I do not need to stop BJJ again for some months) i am gonna break something in this SOB.

I was going easy in this bitch trying to work techniques while he was just trying to overpower me.

yeahhh bitch..I am 40 pounds less bigger than you and you try to overpower me. what a big deal!!!

Next class, your arm or leg is can alreaddy prepare a package to send to your mommy with your arm inside...

I AM GONNA KILL HIM...I AM PISSOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone know if it can be serious please? i can walk but it hurt me bad

and more the time pass and more it hurt when I move it

no one care to help me?

You should check with a doctor bro. Its impossible to tell if its serious or not with internet diagnos

It could be a lot of things, jujubre - you should really go see a doctor if at all possible.

Have you tried icing it yet?

good idea..i am gonna ice it a little bit and see my doctor saturday.


The way you injured yourself does not sound like ligaments, but the sound you describe sounds that way.

I have had my knee re-built 4 times and it is not fun.

Best advice......Go see a doctor and get a real diagnosis.

but when it is ligament, you can not walk after, isn'it?

ouch I am reading website and they said that even if it ligament sometimes you can walk after.

Now I am affraid.

If you blow a ligament you can still walk.  Everyone is different.  One of my friends blew out his ACL and didn't know it until he went to the doctor for a physical.  It was sore but he could still function.  I would definitely go to the doctor.

I'm a doctor and I can say with certainty, that your leg will now have to be amputated.

but don't worry, we'll have you up and hopping about in no time!

and look at the bright side, you'll be able to drop a weight class with no dieting at all!


Have a sports specialist check your ACL.

no one want to show compassion for the UG and OG french representative

I hated that sound when my knee made it. Go see a doctor.

i am gonna call my doctor tomrrow morning.

Arthritis IMO.

Never ceases to amaze me how many people come to the UG for medical advice just to get told to go see a doctor.