My local fake BB thread. How its done...


At brazo Christmas eve party frinds of GF friends...

The brazo guy living there had a 'jiu jitsu' screen saver so i was interested to see if he train etc.

He saif he did and I said there is a local academy in Bondi (mine). He asked if it was a BB teaching there and I told him 'it is a brown belt... but he is very good' Rsrsrsrsrs!

Then he said that he doesnt want to train here as "Australians fight on the street too much" (notice the DIRECT QUOTATION MARKS)

I thought this somewhat odd for some reason, so i asked him what belt he was... black belt was his awesome reply.

*sings christmassy style: "Tis the season to be black belt, fala la la laaa la la la laaaaaa!"

Please... stay with me and take notes...

*NB: he well may be black belt, but as you will also... I highly doubt it...

I sound like that old guy who had the court room show now*


Ok, dude said he was BTT BB from Sao Paulo...

I asked him if he know Ze Mario... blank face

Mario Sperry... blank face

Mooorillo Boostah Manshe!??!?!?!

blank face

So i showed him a pic of Murilo and explained that he is the head of BTT now... and he replied gestures high in the air ah, he is up there!".

I agreed.


it gets better...

So I said to this guy that it is awesome that a real BTT BB is living right here in bondi and would love to learn from him!

He said he didnt want to trane.

I asked him where he traned in Sao Paulo and he mumbled something...

I pulled up the 10 or so Sao Paulo BTT academies from the BTT website and asked him whick one it was...

He said none of those.

So I gave up...

or did I?

David Lang thread put the fake BJJ BB fire in me!!!

So I thought Never die!!!!!!

Or something

So I looked up this dudes facebook...

Not 1 BJJ pic in photos... and that may not be too much but the guy seems like a poser and the typ if he were a bjj BB to have a bunch of BJJ photos.

Not one.

(I do undersatnd if you are BB and not interested in posting photos of BJJ as it may just be commonplace for you and not such a big deal... but I am yet to meet that BB)

Here are the dude pics.

Yes... this thread will get to the meat and gravy soon!




He looks like a black belt..



Ok, so I sent dude a message...

Me: "Looking forward to when you can train!!

A BTT black belt in bondi is awesome! All my team are looking forward for you to train!

its not often that a BTT Black belt lives in Bondi! "