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Check out my newest project -- WWW.MODERNATHENA.COM

If you know any women into sports or athletics, who also enjoy being feminine, then send them towards my site -- that's what this site is all about. Being well rounded and celebrating everything it is to be a woman -- strong, sexy, and smart.

Lots more features to come, but starting simple and building from there! Check back often!

I would be honored if you would link it, Leigh -- thank you!

I recovered pretty quickly after surgery. I was exercising within two weeks. Certain movements took longer, of course, but I was pretty active pretty quickly, which I attribute to being in shape to begin with. Was back to full intensity within a couple months. Had a fantastic surgeon, too.

Yes, very happy - not a single regret!

great site, every chick i know is getting an email...

Awesome - thank you, Neo!!

 Hey Becca,

I will post this on my blog this week as well as spread the word amongst my Female Athlete / Trainer friends.

Glad you are happy with your gift. I am all about freedom of choice. It is your body, you should do what you want with it. If it is important to you, and makes you feel good / better, about yourself, then...Knock yourself out.

Now...perhaps we should re-visit that Wonder Woman Costume...



 TTT for Becca,

I'll be posting links to your web-site on my blog, tomorrow.



LOL - thank you, Taku, for all the support! And thanks for your words about the gift, as well....and yes, Wonder Woman costume would be much improved now. ;)

 Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman...

The post is live now!


P.S. As I said above, I have also forwarded the link to your web-site to a bunch of female athletes and trainers I know.


LOL - I like how you tagged your blog entry with Wonder Woman!

Thanks again for the support - I am SO excited about this project and where I plan to take it, so it's wonderful to have other people enthusiastic about it, too! noticed that huh? lol@ me.

And just so you guys know, I'll be posting new stuff 1-2x every week, so keep sending folks my way! Thanks!

I have a brand new pretty logo now, too. :)

 New posts going up on Monday and Thursday!  And really excited about some of the upcoming ladies that I'll be profiling -- some amazing women with serious athletic accomplishments.

And, if you guys are like me and you love reading blogs but never remember to actually visit them -- you can subscribe by email:

The emails just appear whenever I post a new article (1-2x/week) and your address doesn't get used for any other purpose.

 Just a little reminder about my website...I swear I won't ever post daily workout videos here! ;)

New profile up of Olympic Silver Medalist, Andrea Duran, who also trains at my gym. She's an amazing athlete and human being:

Leigh - What did she medal in? Phone Post


I like checking out your site, well done! Btw, how much can you curl?

I'm kidding!

LOL - thanks, GNP. And now I know you've read the articles for sure! ;)

Congratulations on your website. It looks great.

 Thanks, TBA!

I am REALLY excited about the two articles coming out this week. For those of you looking for online fitness resources for women, if you haven't been to, you have to check it out. Amazing website and the woman who runs it is amazing, too.

This week I have a two-part conversation with her that I am posting. Great stuff -- she is also a PhD in Women's Studies, so she's well spoken/written!

"Are You Stumptuous? (Part 1)" --

Part two on Wednesday!

 Krista is awesome.