My personal Bests

This is a list of my personal bests, I was curious as to what you knowledgable people thought of them (as most of my friends and family aren't really into working out, I wanted an outlet.... so thanks). for the record, I weigh 158 pounds:

1 arm snatch: 95 lb.s

Power clean: 165 lb.s

Deadlift: 305 lb.s

1 leg squat: myself and an additional 50 lb.s

back squat: 225x2 (I'm still trying to learn good form... and the bar hurts my neck. in general, wah.)

Front squat: 195 lb.s

Weighted pullup: extra 75 lb.s

Weighted dip: extra 60 lb.s

1 arm Side press: 95 lb.s

Additionally I can (barely) hit a single, sloppy muscle up, a front lever, and probably about 10 one-arm pushups.

I did probably about half these today, just to see where i'm at, but all are within the last month.

Your squats are excellent and your clean is also pretty good IMO. I'm a little surprised your DL isn't higher with those numbers. Your pull-up isn't bad, you should be able to do loads more muscle-ups. Front lever is an impressive feat also.

At various points past I have been able to do close to 5 muscl-ups without coming off my crappy. home-made rings, but I've been neglecting them for a while.

Thanks for the comments!

My goals right now are heavier deadlifts/over head pressing and a one-arm pullup, all three f which I'm doing in PTP cycle for a few months.

Is the one arm snatch with a DB or barbell? DB still good

PC is solid

DL is good

1leg squat is very strong. Paused at the bottom right?

Back squat is okay, but your learning good form. Don't have the bar on your neck! It s hould be slightly lower down on your traps/ rhoboids

Front squat is strong

Weighted pull ups and dips are solid

A full front lever?! Thats f0cking strong!

A lot stronger then most lb for lb :)


Good lifts.

I usually use dumbbells for one arm snatches, but this effort was done with an easy curl bar.

This forum is awesome, incidentally.

Nice numbers! I couldn't do any of that when I was 158lbs. Although I never tried, I doubt I could have reached those numbers.

Pound for pound youre much stronger than me

At 138lbs, I can't come within a mile of most of that, but for some reason the dip was no problem. I did 2 reps with 60lb without a problem, and I definitely could have done at least another 2 reps, but I was eager to try the pull-ups (I tried it with the same 60lb and couldn't come close to doing one).

That's pretty cool, I'm sure if you could hit 60 lb.s with the dips for an easy two reps you could hit half your bodyweight for one.

I was kinda surprised I couldn't do more with the dips, usually I've always been able to belt out dips and struggled with pullups. Neglect, i assume... I should probably work them in more.

Dips are just another exercise I don't care too much about but, of course, am far stronger at than the ones I do want to improve, like deadlift or military press (both of which my numbers are pretty pathetic in).

You're right, though -- out of curiosity I just tried 70lb and did one. Hard, though -- I think that's my limit.

What are you guys calling a front lever?

A front lever involves holding your body parallel to the ground while hanging from a pullup bar.

A wonderful article with progressions (for working up to one) and pictures (of the front lever and the planche, actually) can be found at:

Thanks Seul and congratulations, that's some wicked stuff.

Nice... you're the same weight as I am so it's nice to compare...

The odd thing is that I can weighted pullup 75 lbs for 3-4 reps BUT can not complete a single one-hand pullup nor a single muscle-up.

OK, gotta fess up to my ignorance - what is a muscle-up?

Ted Bennett:

Muslce up: Usually on rings you pull up in to a pull up with a seriously over hand grip or a 'false grip', thats what I 'think' it is called. Then from there you transition yourself by pulling through the rings, like your 'heading a football' and you get in to a dip position, then you dip up. Thats a muscle up. Technique helps a lot. Keep the rings close to your body and pull through.

You can also do th is on a pull up bar if you got some skills!

Becareful on your shoulders. They are TOUGH on your shoulders do warm them up properly!


Holy crap :-O

Were I to try such a thing and it was captured on video, I have no doubt that Wide World of Sports (RIP) would have a new clip for the "agony of defeat" section of its intro :-P

Nice one! Now there's three of us who can take eachother as reference points.

I won't be going into maxes on other lifts other than pullups in another 2-3 weeks though.

"I was once able to pull 330 after I saw some chick do it."