my russian is planching

A little Q on russians.. I get into position and lift myself off the ground, but my hips tend to stray back and behind my hands.. So I start in form to do a russian but end up going into a tuck planche.. any clue what I may be doing wrong? probably a weakness in a certain area, but what area? Any exercises to strengthen the trouble area?

*editted to make more sense

lol.. I just sorta tip forwards.. I'd end up with my feet on the ground if I didn't pull them up as I started to lean forwards (to avoid not having all my weight on just my arms), so when I pull my feet up, I just keep tipping forwards until I'm in a tuck planche :s


Lean back a bit.  USE your triceps to hold the angle you create leaning backwards.  Now just push your hips forward.

You got to KEEP PUSHING YOUR arms down and keep the angle.  Your leaning over forwards too much and LEAVING YOUR HIPS BEHIND.  BIG NO NO.  Got to lean back a bit, push hips forwards.

Forget the russian.  DO TUCK SITS.  Go back to that article and see how he does the tuck sits?  The hips are FORWARDS.


Thanks guys! My issue was pretty much having to do with starting off in a bad position and not leaning back.. I guess it's all about pushing down as hard as you can eh

Yeah glad you sorted it out.  Well I start the position in a normal L sit.  Then you can move to push your hips forward and lean back a bit.