My thoughts on Couture vs Lesnar

My preview from you can also read what a whole bunch of other fighters think as well...

My gut says Lesnar, but my head says Couture.


Elvis Sinosic – “This is one of those matches that has everyone swaying left and right. In theory, Brock Lesnar should not have the experience nor the cross training to be in a HW title shot against someone as decorated as Randy Couture. Lesnar has not faced the number or the quality of opponents that Couture has. Let’s ignore that he may not have earned a title shot and have a look at the merits of this mach. The thing is that Brock brings in a comprehensive freestyle amateur wrestling background. He also brings in the physical tools of massive size with strength and the explosiveness rarely seen in the HW division. For his cons, his chin has not truly been tested and his ability to push the pace for 5 rounds and come out strong on the other end. Randy brings a great amateur Greco background. He brings in a ton of experience not only in MMA but also in Title shots. Randy has the endurance to push the pace for 5 rounds and come out strong at the end. Some of Randy’s biggest losses have come to bigger guys that can put him on his back. It should also be noted that Randy’s losses to the bigger guys was also when he played a more Jiu Jitsu game plan when put on his back. Since then he has evolved his MMA to better reflect his wrestling background. His goal now is always to end up on top.  The big questions are who will put who on their back. When it happens can they keep the other on their back? Both will be playing a wrestling MMA game and I doubt either will try and play guard. Next, is can Brock take punishment, e.g. how will he fair when his chin is tested? Will Randy be able to test that chin? How will Brock fare in the later rounds if the fight gets there? How will Randy’s endurance fair when carrying the weight of a heavier opponent as they can do as much damage to your cardio as can getting hit.

We know that Randy has a good chin. He won’t play guard and will no doubt use a wrestling style game (similar to Heath) if he ends up on the bottom. I don’t see Brock stopping Randy early and I don’t see him subbing Randy (unless Randy is already hurt). I don’t think Randy will sub Brock either. I don’t see him stopping Brock early in the game either. Randy hits hard and has fierce GNP, but has never had that one shot power to end the match. I think Brock does, but I don’t think he will land that shot early as I’m sure now everyone will be expecting it. This fight will be decided later on in the rounds and most likely go to Decision. The question is who will be able to impose their will during the match. I think Brock will come out strong early and most likely take the first 2 rounds. I see Randy rallying back later in the fight (not unlike his match against Rizzo) and taking rounds 4 and 5. The question is who will take round 3, which I think will be the pivotal round. I think the match could also be ended in the third, but most likely both fighters will fight out of it and survive. Whoever wins the third will win the fight. I think Randy will come out on top in the third and use the momentum to drive forward to a unanimous decision victory.”

As you can see, I've gone with my head...



This is bullshit. Elvis should be live at the show doing commentary.

Brock will still KO Randy

Would love to be doing commentary. Talking about fights (other than doing them) is one of my favourite past times.


normally i would go for Couture, but the age and size difference is just too much for me to pick Randy

"Brock will still KO Randy"

I think Brock has the ability to KO Randy but I think Randy knows that and will implement a gameplan early to avoid that likelihood. Though being a fight anything can happen and one big shot can change the entire momentum of a match.

"normally i would go for Couture, but the age and size difference is just too much for me to pick Randy"

I agree that thy are definitely reasons Brock has the ability to win this match. Size, strength, speed and wrestling ability vs Experience, MMA skill, wrestling ability and gameplan.

I wouldn't put down money on this fight that is for sure.

UFC AUSTRALIA 2009 needs to happen imo

 Thanks for your insight, Elvis, great stuff!

officially swings from Elvis' nuts

Randy by old man strength and experience. War Couture!

Well I'm offline now... The UFC has started and it's not being shown here til tomorrow and the last thing I need is spoilers. I look forward to reading what people have to say before and after the match when I get back online.


I believe one of Randy's strength going into this is game plan. He has tremendous insight into his opponents and typically develops a great gameplan. I'm most worried about his time off than his age or weight, if Brock comes out barnstorming will Randy be able to immediately adapt to the situation or will he need a couple of rounds to get rid of the ring rust? I'm looking forward to a great fight.

ttt for Elvis!


Well Brock got that big shot in early. Actually he got a couple. Early night for Randy. After the first round I thought he was on track. Well that's why it's a fight...

Hey Crook... :)


watch how much Randy's body moves every time Brock throws a knee in round 1

that right there told you it would be a long night for Couture

what do you think about going up to HW and taking a crack at him Elvis?

I think Randy was trying to wear Brock down for the later rounds. Working the clinch and laying on him against the fence and pressuring for the takedown. On the ground he was also looking to setup a takedown (single), get on top or stand up. He also seemed prepared for Brock doing the same thing and almost took his back (as shown on some pics/footage pre fight).

I was impressed with Brocks punches. He was really using that reach and kept pressuring Randy with it. It looked like they came in prepred for Randy's slip/shoulder roll that he does standing as Brock's punches/elbows seemed to be coming over the top more. Brock landed some very powerful shots during that fight and that is what won him the fight.

Was a good match watch and both guys were in it from the start.



PS. I don't think Brock is ready for what I bring to the cage :)


just kidding, i love you King