My UFC fight vs. Ray

Very few people know, a few weeks before my bout with Gideon I tore my ACL, LCL and meniscus in my left knee of which I have surgery on Tuesday. I decided not to pull out of my contractual agreement both with the UFC and with Gideon and went forward with the fight. Because of my injury I was forced to fight as a southpaw as I knew Gideon would attack my lead leg as he did. Thankfully things worked out as I had hoped and I finished in exciting fashion with a submission in the first round. I truly feel bless and I could not have done it without the following support: American Top Team - The greatest team in the world!
Flatline Athletics - A great new gear company out of Florida
Starsouth Stucco
SSF Gear - A true staple of mma gear
Dollamur Mats - Great mats at unbeatable prices
Thanks guys!

go have a beer

AWESOME JOB CHARLES!  I wish they would have aired it.

Best wishes with the surgery!

War Chainsaw!!!11

congrats Charles. hope you have a speedy recovery.

ttt ill see you soon homie

ttt ill see you soon homie

Congrats Chainsaw



Good enjoy your night man and screw posting on here.

ttt for Charles


Good job dude, but take a break and  go enjoy urself.  Its an hour after the event.........I'm  startin to think a visit to Dr Melfi may do you some good. 

Congrats, Charles.

Charles Thanks for signing my Glove and Good Job!

Best of Luck in the Future.

PS. Great looking Girlfriend!

Charles -


-Fred Hammer-

Congrats on the fight

Good luck with the surgery and rehab

Good luck in what ever you do next

Congrats, Charles. True fighters perservere through all kinds of obstacles to accomplish their mission, as you proved, tonight. I hope your surgery goes well and you are 100% ASAP.





and next time with no restrictions we will murderize the sponsors. Will let you know about the gym this week.


congrads and good luck w ur surgery