My UFC fight vs. Ray

Good work homie...

way to do what you do!



Congrats Charles. Any pictures? won, you don't have to make excuses...

Congrats C-Mac. Welcome to the surgery club.

Charles, did you get the 20k submission of the night?

Congratulations Charles. Cant even imagine trying to train and then fight with a knee in such bad shape.

Congrats Charles

Wow congrats!

Charles awesome job man! see you in a few weeks

TTT for Charles!

I'm always rooting for you!


jeez thats gotta suck fighting at 50%

glad u won

Captan Missssserable

Great job Chainsaw. I'm sure Mike Van Meer just did a back flip when he heard the good news. Well made a pathetic attempt at one.

nice work!

Congrats on your win Charles and good lucj with your surgery and your recovery. I hope is a success and you recover quickly. I have the same thing happen to my left knee. Same exact injury so i knew what you were going through. i am hppy that you won with that kindof injury as I was not lucky in my fight as I lost. Sometimes it works out in your case and sometimes it dont in my case.

again I wish you the best in you recovery.

The Calf Cruncher

Good job. It seemed like Ray was hard to submit and you did it just fine.


good job now cheer up!!!!

nice win so who is next for ya? any ideas?