NAGA - Atlanta results???

Does any one have them...any of them?

Also, I am courious as to what time the event was over, as that was the main reason I did not fly down. I did not think I could make it back in time for work on Monday!

Thanks for the info!

Dustin Ware

I think the even ended after 8pm. I know cole miller won flyweight advanced.

Im not sure on the rest.

Thanks Guys!

TTT for some results.....most importantly, the Purple Belt Heavy Weight & Open. ALso, the Expert No-Gi Heavy Weight.


Expert Heavy was Dan Simmler. He looked very good.
Adam Singer

ttt for results

Event was a lot larger than anticipated, which did
indeed slow things. Results should be up within
24 hours. No one has slept in a few days ...

How Big is Dan now??? What was the cut-off for that division?

I mean Dan is good, NO Doubt! But I figured there would be some "Big Boys" in there that woudl give him a tought time, as he (i thought) is only like 195lbs.

Regardless, Congrats to Dan!

Thanks for the info!


The biggest guy (Edsin Cruz) pulled out so the biggest guy was Sherman at 240. They had a ver close match.

Does anyone know if Mike Ciesnolevicz competed (and how he did) or if he just reffed?



Im 192 right now, skinny as hell, I need to get motivated and in the gym. Sherman weighed in at 247 I think. The other guys in the division were around the the 210-215 area if I had to guess. Both my first two matches I was getting my ass kicked and got lucky and caught them in triangles. I have holes in my game the sizes of some states, I have so much to work on. My second match I was fighting off the mount, and triangle, and then omoplata.

Mike Cez won advanced heavy weight, adn was gonna do expert w me, but Kipp didnt let us both do it, and Mike was refing, he killed his competition, training in Iowa looks to be paying off, much quicker and better conditioned than last time I saw him.

Thanks Simmler!

Also, congrats to you on your win! I will have to IM you next time I see you on AIM and catch up! :)

Congrats Mike Cies

Thanks for the insight Dan!

I seriously doubt that you have that manay holes in your game, you are a great grappler!

I see you will be at the NAGA in MAy in Chi-Town..I will see you there. When you do you fly in?

Again, congrats on the great job...BIG GUY:-)

Dustin Ware

congrats to mini-simler and mike cies!

congrats guys!

I would have liked to have seen Rory and Dan. Rory just could not get through that monster Sherman.


Does anyone know if Mike Ciesnolevicz competed (and how he did) or if he just reffed? Thanks!Cies pretty handily won his division. I watched and reffed one of his fights and that kid is a truck. He got taken down in his first match which suprised the hell out of me, but upon learning that he actually knew how to play from the bottom guard did well and won on a ton of points. Congrats to Dan. He looked slick as hell. I think he's first match he was actually down on points but pulled off the triangle with six seconds left in the match!

Rory just threw the kitchen sink at him in the clinch and off his back but just could not convert. Next time.