Nakamura dominated Busta

Say it, believe it, mean it!!

that was not a close decision, busttas offence in the whole fight consisted of 2 takedowns, his striking was blocked and ineffective. Nakamura g+p'd him thoroughly and threw him around like a rag doll.

also there was no weight advantage, there was 1lb between the two.

This is not a diss to busta but its time to be realistic, he couldnt execute his gameplan cause nakamuras gameplan was much better.

well its not like busta did anything for the last 2 rounds

busta got handled, maybe you only think it was boring cause busta couldnt do anything, imo i thought it was pretty exciting, nice g+p, nice risks taken wit hthe flying punches etc and a great work rate from nakamura. This was far from lay and pray.

I dont understand how it was boring exactly, the only way you are gonna finish busta is too g+p him, busta is difficult to KO and practically impossible to sub.

and this isnt about judo vs bjj

"he couldnt execute his gameplan cause nakamuras gameplan was much better"


"his striking was blocked and ineffective"

False. Busta was rocking him on the feet in the 3rd round. Too bad he decided not to throw a punch until then. His gameplan was for shit, he should have boxed instead of clinching and going for takedowns, where Nakamura largely dominated.

Tomato Can: I think it's more than he wasn't allowed to fight smart. Nakamura was a better fighter.

Judo Chop!

nakamura was never rocked, never wobbled and definateley not being owned on the feet, busta had a few good shots that were nearly all blocked. Nakamura has really good defence on the feet.

now i've watched the fight about 4 times now and naka probably gets hit clean twice. He tooks better shots from rogerio and still kept coming

My point is, Busta would have been better suited trying to box Nakamura becuase his standup was clearly better. I'm not saying he could have just done this all day and avoided all takedowns, but the fact that through the first 2 rounds he was actually INITIATING clinches and takedown attempts tells me he did not go in with the proper gameplan and this was a major factor in his poor performance.

Again, I'm not trying to take away from Nakamura. He neutralized Busta's subs, put down some solid GNP, and had some sweet takedowns himself. I'm just saying that Busta could would have been better suited with a standup-oriented strategy.

a total domination

Nakamura Outweighed Bustamante by 23Kg.

That doesn't seem possible. That's over 50 pounds.

its true

busta struggles to make 185, in fact he often weighs in at 176 and thats with clothes on, then he has to fight a 250lb nakamura.


keep watching

total domination

Yes he did!

He just wanted it more than Busta!

Busta was sleep walking and Nakamura was ready to fight!

He sure is a tenacious little fucker....

no there wasnt

nakamura weighed in at 92.5kgs

busta weighed in at 92kgs

this is official!

maybe nakamura looked bigger cause hes only 5'8 and busta is 6'2 but there was no realy weight disadvantage for busta

Dangermouse: You don't understand, 23kgs of the weight Busta had were people swinging from his Jock...

Sorry, no disrespect to Busta or the people who are fans of him and can see clearly, but I'm really tired of this Phantom Weight thing that pops up every time a Brazilian gets his ass kicked.


  1. Having the power to decide; conclusive.
  2. Characterized by decision and firmness; resolute.
  3. Beyond doubt; unmistakable: a decisive defeat.

It was a decisive victory.

so was nog vs fedor a clear victory, decisive victory or domination in your opinion

nakamura dominated rounds 2 and 3, busta offered nothing back. All busta did was get taken down and punched in the face. I also like how you put in terms of busta had 2 takedowns compared to naka 4. That simply is distorts the picture, when busta took naka down he did nothing (barely landed a punch on naka) while when naka took busta down he g+p'd busta pretty good every single time.

cro cop vs (washed up)kanehara = squash fight

LOL at Kai...