Naked Warrior - reviews/opinions

Has anyone read this book? Could I have opinions on it and maybe some examples.

I'm thinking of buying it, but want to see what you guys think first.



Here is the link to Amazon. You can read the customer reviews of the product. Personally, I found some nice tips in the book. I checked the book out from the library and took notes when appropriate.

i just bought this book about 2 weeks ago from borders books. Yes...i was a sucker and paid the 40 bucks for it..i dont like to wait for the mail to get here. Anyways..the title of this book should be called " 1 arm pushups and 1 legged squats for dummies". it starts off with about 400 testimonials from people whove used its methods..then goes into a lot about what tensing your muscles means and the advantages of this, low reps with high tension etc...grease the groove. he gives lots of options if you cant do a 1 legged squat or 1 arm pushup. like doing 1 arm pushups on elevated surfaces...sitting down on a chair and getting up on 1 leg for the squat..all the way to the other side of the spectrum of what to do when they become to easy. he stresses many times that this book is not meant to build character..the goal is simply pure stregth. theres also a chapter on power breathing. sorry for the crummy just takin it from memory. all in all not a BAD book..but i dont think its worth 40 bucks. hope this helps.

dont have any of his ebooks..but i do have his martial power 10 tape set...his swat 8 tape set...i just bought power to the people yesterday so i have yet to read that 1....

I bought the 8 tape set and thought it sucked. I sent it back and got my money back.


Ross Enamait's "Never Gymless" includes 1-limb exerices for developing maximal strength, along with the usual strength endurance/conditioning calisthenics.

Much more bang for your buck there than with Naked Warrior, IMO.

I agree, I'd go with the Ross book. I have several of his books and you get so much info and the price is cheap.

"Like most opf Pavels' stuff it is overpriced. Borrow it but don't buy it.

It is basically doing one armed push ups and one legged squats, 2-5 reps per set, many sets with lots of rest in between. Don't go to failure.

There you have it"


Perfect review. The whole book in just one line.

Sajite, almost the full book in one line, but not quite! Ill finish it off for you:

It is basically doing one armed push ups and one legged squats, 2-5 reps per set, many sets with lots of rest in between. Don't go to failure, COMRADE!


You almost had it...however, you've only touched upon the superficial layers of this work. There are hidden messages that denote the true purpose of the Naked Warrior. I shall do my best to illuminate them here for you.

It is basically doing one armed push ups (buy my products) and one legged squats (buy my products), 2-5 reps per set (buy my products), many sets (buy my products) with lots of rest in between (buy my products). Don't go to failure,(buy my products)COMRADE! Oh, and to see how these anal-clenching techniques are used with TWO other sure to check out Power! to the People (buy my products).


Hefx you just hit the nail on the head!! best review ever!

I'd pick up one of Ross' books instead. As stated above he covers the
one limb exercises, plus a TON more. I've got a few of his books and
have never been disappointed.

for 9.95 yeah its good! No more tho!

"i "know a guy" whos switched those little SKU price tags on the books at borders and got naked warrior for 9.95. for that price it's a damn good book."

This is the best advice on this thread, period.

I especially liked the tagline "POWER TO YOU, NAKED WARRIOR!" Just when you think nothing could possibly get more homoerotic than bodybuilding ...

(editted to be nicer)

One unique idea (tense up), and two exercises with lots of details (one-legged squat; one-armed pushup).

All of Pavel's books (as well as some of Furey's and Ross') are easy to find (and download for free) in the net. You just have to know where to look...

I didn't think the Naked warrior was that good. It deals mostly with technique (of the one arm push up/pistol), it's good if you're a beginner but if you already have Power to the people I don't think you'll learn that much more from this book.

I'm interested in the new Enter the kettlebell book, has anyone read it?