Nate Diaz vs. Dustin 185?

Nate beats Dustin actually. Better boxer and he won’t gas like Conor and he won’t panic like Conor. Also he’s a black belt so he’d have choked Dustin out where Conor failed to

His last win was against Pettis

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He doesn’t need to be put out with one shot. Get him worried about the beating his legs are taking and Poirier definitely has enough power to hurt Nate with a couple of good punches put together. And he’s become pretty good at putting his punches together. Nate has good punching, not boxing. His defense is shit and his chin is close to shot. Leon probably could have finished Nate if he weren’t so complacent. Whereas Nate couldn’t finish Leon in a full minute of pressing even after putting him on rubber legs.

Nate digs into Dustins ass if they fight

When has Dustin ever been a prolific leg kicker that goes into fights with a leg kick only strategy? Conor showed weakness to leg kicks in one fight and Dustin went to the well over and over on it again? So now DP is a world class leg kicker because he caught Conor off guard? Guess what, in the next fight Conor kicked the shit out of Dustin’s legs and Dustin checked 0 of them and only fired back one of his own, not exactly the making of a world class leg kicker and grinder that likes to crunch shins.

And dude you’re fucking nuts, Dustin isn’t putting anything together to KO Nate. A lot of fighters with worse chins than Nate Diaz have eaten DP’s punches just fine.

I’m not saying he has zero power, I’m saying that Nate’s chin and toughness are S class in the history of MMA.

You sound like a dude commenting on this that’s only seen each fighters last fight.

Fuuuck. Way too many holes in that post. But you start off with several I’ll address. Not sure why you think a person needs to be a prolific leg kicker, or employ a leg kick only strategy. Not really sure what you even mean by that because it just sounds very foolish. My comment was made about Nate’s completely nonexistent leg kick defense over the course of his entire career. Him and his brother never gave a fuck to train defending them and if you never noticed that by watching their fights I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s a weakness of Nate’s, always has been. Dustin doesn’t have a crew of yes men who allow him to neglect sound strategic gameplans. Enjoy your thirsty Thursday.
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