Navy Seal workouts any good?

I see what look like great workouts on
Has anyone seen or tried these DVD workouts? Are they worth looking into?

DO NOT get CJ Carraci's video unless you want to see him doing bodyweight squats in a pool and holding a knife in his teeth before a set of jumping jacks.

Stew Smith has some decent stuff.

Of course, so do I. ;)

Train hard,


I don't know about the DVDs but there is a (free) pre BUD/S program you can find with some searching on the web that worked awesome for me.

From there I went to Mod.1 (see above post) and it flat out kicked my ass.

If you are going to spend any money on a program - buy Mod. 1.

Sorry to sound like such a spud, but what are Jumping Jacks? The were mentioned on ZHs site but with no description.


I know them as "Straddle Jumps",



side straddle hops

Damnit Scrapper I like C.J. Caracci's videos=p Scrapper also has great stuff(o.k. well its better than all the rest but lets not give him a fat head), Scrapper also keeps up to date and for customer service you just have to leave a message on this forum. Scott Helveston(R.I.P.) had some videos out and you can still get those and I think they donate some for his wife and kids. If you really are looking for a kick ass SEAL workout there is a book by Tom Fitzgerald (I think) called Get Tough that is really old school the first of its kind.

I liked CJ's tapes also, although there is the certain cheese factor to them.

you're best off with Scrap's stuff. It's affordable and he's accessible. how can you beat that?