Need 170lbr for Adam Lynn (Guam)

We have had a few guys drop out of this fight and we are in need of someone to STEP UP. The fight is in Guam on the 22nd of this month. Please call me ASAP as we need an opponent TODAY for ticketing reasons.


Chris Brennan



Jon Fitch?

How about the NativeAmericanAssassin? He claims he is the best thing since canned beer and is saying he wants a fight and how everyone is scared of him? I believe he is also around 170, but am not sure about that.



Hey, Chris, I don't know anything about Adam Lynn or what calibre of opponent you are looking for, but a few names that come to mind:

Sean Sherk - always in shape, just fought a quick fight on Friday night and won without getting damaged. Seems like he is trying to get a lot of fights these days.

Drew Fickett - just posted saying he was disappointed that he didn't get the Sherk fight on Friday

Sammy Morgan - tough, well skilled guy who fights for Mike Reilly and Bison Grappling, fought Shooto in Japan a few months back. He did say on Friday that he may slow down on fighting for a few months, but he may be convinced to take another one. He is an exciting fighter.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head. Hope they help. Good luck.




I have a decent list of guys.. I'll make a few calls, and see what I can do. It was nice to see you in Vegas last week.


His last fight was a win over Kato in Guam. We have had a few opponents drop out and are looking to fill it with a decent opponent.

A Kyle Breez re-match would be really cool.

diego sanchez... jackson's gaidojutsu in NM... give greg a call chris

LOL! Jake is fighting for the shooto title this month if I remember right...

IN MY OPPINION... Adam is a good up and coming fighter with alot of skills, I think Jake sheilds would be an awsome match for him. Lynn is coming off a win against Kato in guam, I thought it was a great fight! ( i was there ) But in Kato's defence i feel like that was one of Kato's worst performances and even he knows it. Good job to Adam Lynn for capitalizing on it, too bad there wont be a rematch now that Kato is fighting at 155.

If there was a rematch i would have to give it to Kato

whoa chris...i'm going to guam/saipan on vacation around that time (my girlfriend is a research scientist and she's out there now). Where's this going to be at? and what time? Perhaps all us can meet and have a beer.


Have you found anybody yet ???

Jason Medina----MFS, Contact BZLJJ to line it up.

Jason Medina----MFS, Contact BZLJJ to line it up.

TTT for someone to step up.

Josh Koschek ...Only 2 fights and he would do it in a heartbeat ....

Somebody find Drew.

"How about the NativeAmericanAssassin? "

Fred...I think Chris is looking for someone that will actually show up and fight.