Need a new Gi, my old Atama to retire

 Im kinda hard to fit. I wear an A5 top and A4 bottom in Atama. Anyone know any brands that have similar fitting sizes or allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms??

Been torn between trying one of the following but never had them.

Padilla and Sons


Keiko Raca


HCK would be my first choice.

You can also mix-n-match and customize Isamis from, if your budget allows.

 Where is the best place to buy a new HCK or Atama? Direct from them or are there some resellers now that have better deals? I have not bought a Gi in 9yrs.

Can't speak to Atamas but at this point HCK pricing and availability is about the same across the board so you're probably best served in dealing with Howard directly. His customer service is legendary and he posts here from time to time. ;)

Might sell my syr mamba thing and buy a HCK comp light.

Hey there, I actually just started a youtube channel dedicated to doing gear reviews for bjj. If you want to check it out, here is the link

I'll be getting the official website off the ground soon and will be doing write ups as well as video reviews of gear. I also want to incorporate a user submitted video gallery where they can show off cool jiu jitsu videos or comp footage.

Anyways hope you like the reviews so far and maybe it will help you make the choice.

Oh and btw my ATAMA Mundials #7 is my fav gi.

I've owned all 4 of those brands, but each brand has different types so I can't give a completely fair assessment of which "brand" is the best

I do think Padilla and sons has the best quality and customer service given the price you pay. I don't think any brand can match that.

I've got the light weight and have been using it for about 3 months and I can't find one thing to complain about. But it's only been 3 months so we'll see how it holds up in time

If I had to recommend a new brand to try I'd say padilla and sons. To be honest I've never heard anybody say a bad thing about their gis.

MGT speaks da troof! HCK. i have 4 and will never buy another brand. i bought an atama when i first started bjj. i was loyal to the brand until the prices went up and the quality went down a few years ago. my first single i bought in 02 lasted 4 years and it was my only gi, washed and dried 3x a week. my gold weave i got in 08 crapped out on me a few months ago, and i had 2 other gis in the rotation (HCK btw).

I'd get a Howard.

I've had several Keiko. They've worn out pretty quick and fit decent for slim build but the chest is too open on the gi, for me.

Bought a Shoyoroll A3s but it fit like crap and sold it before I wore it. Have a pair of shoyoroll ripstop pants and they aren't made to last long.

I love my Howard. I'm 6'4 185. I have an 7 and shrunk it down. The pants are nice fit; the top is a little big but still acceptable. Next one I'll probably get a 6 top and 7 pants.

I feel like my Howard will really last.

The other gis have lasted about 3 years with moderate wear.

Underhook. Price is great and built to last. My only complaint is the collar is too stiff when new & takes a little while to "break in".

I love my Vaulken's, but they cost more & wont last as long.

Been looking at Ground Control as well.

Get the Padilla and Sons gold weave! you will love it!

Excellent customer service!

Not sure about mixing tops n' bottoms tho.????

How does Padilla measure compared to Atama? A5 size Phone Post

idk, i wear an A3 (i have atama gold weave and padilla gold weave)

give'm a call, they are really helpful: 562/496-2612


Does anyone have a HCK comp lite?

THoughts on the gi?

Muffinho - Does anyone have a HCK comp lite?

Thoughts on the gi?

I've got one, I like it a lot, however it's very much a singleweave judo gi with a BJJ cut. Well made, but shrinks a lot, mine shrunk at least 2 inches in all directions on a regular wash (40c) and air dried.



I'm thinking if I sell my syr I'll either get a HCK or Atama gold weave. The gold weaves are decent value right now, only 133 dollars.

Check out gorilla Gi the silverback GI I got from them is one of the best made GI I own I like it better then my atama mundial. They also have great customer service

Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards a black Padilla and give that a try. Can't beat $95 Phone Post

emotion #13 - Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards a black Padilla and give that a try. Can't beat $95 <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

padilla's all the way.

the only other gi i'd ever buy is a fushida.

their sizing basically makes their gi's a custom fit.

but i don't have one yet myself, but heard very good things.

i do have 3 padilla's though, 2 golds and a hybrid.
love love love my golds.
loved my hybrid but it kinda kept shrinking on me. now i feel like i stole a kids gi in it, so it just hangs in the closet.

go for the gold!