Need advice: Best fat burn caps?

Hi there ... have tried a couple ... xenadrin and thermadrine ... thought they were good but want to know what public opinion says is "the best" ... have a big event in 3 weeks (the Emmys!) and want to drop as much as possible in that time ... help!!!

Thanks you guys, it's much appreciated!!!



Use Redline VPX conecntrate instead. Closest thing I've tried that's like ephedra.

But I would still suggest just diet and exercise. I've lost more weight and kept it without without the aid of supplements as oppossed to when I used them.

"make your own stack. just take ephidrine caffeine and aspirin. save
cash and get better shit."

agreed 100%.

OH you can be sure I will be taking them before my 2 workouts a day fyi ... no pill can take the place of hard work but it sure as hell can assist in weight drop when used in tandem.

Just wanna drop as much as possible, have my heart set on a to die for dress but won't wear it if I'm not lookin' hot enough to do so.

Thanks you guys, you have no idea how grateful I am for any and all assistance you can give me.

More hugs!


ttt for info

GNc makes a burner called "cuts" with all natural ingrediants. Works alright, helps the energy level, and keeps the heart rate up a bit throughout the day to help with calorie burning

Noelle, I've got no problem with using any type of fatburner for a short term goal - but I'm against them in general. From personal experience, I got better results from moving my cardio sessions to first thing in the morning before consuming any meals or liquids except water. You immediately tap into those fat stores because your blood sugar is at it's lowest point of the day.


They lifted the ban on ephedra, but most companies aren't selling it a gain. Kind of hard when they made all of these new products that were ephedra-free that were supposed to be sooo much better and then turn around and start marketing the ephedra products again.

I have tried lots of other products and I got the best results (in tandem with diet/exercise) with an ECA stack

why would one use aspirin in the stack?

big ups for ECA

best used in a "Diamond" Taper over a couple of weeks


the ephedrine,caffeine and aspirin act as a synergy

oops, my bad

i just like using the word "synergy"


it makes you sound smarter

has anyone ever tried DNP?

"When you say caffine, does that mean take the ephedra and asparine with a coke, or some kind of caffine pill?"

caffine pill, eg one tab of vivarin

What I have used in the past is 25 mg Ephedrine(Vaspro) + Caffeine pill 200 mg + Aspirin 325 mg. Usually like a 6 week cycle to be extra safe:

week 1 one dose
week 2 two doses (At least 4 hours between doses)
week 3 three doses
week 4 nothing
week 5 two doses
week 6 three doses

End cycle

Same thing.

BEST IMO is generic stay awake ($5.99 for 60) and generic ephedrine tablets in 25 mg. (mini thins?) I don't even know what they sell at trashy mini marts since the ban was lifted. I was buying Bronkaid the whole time, which is a little pricier...9.99 for 60. Everything that says thermogenic is just this spread out over more pills with foo foo ingredients and homoerotic imagery on the packaging.

ttt for using bronkaid for your ephedrine source in your ECA stack; it's much better than primotene tabs

I dig:

best results for my loot so far, and I've tried ALL the BS...or at least most of it.

Plus, ephedrine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it can F with both your heart...and your hard-ons.

DNP, best by far, but don't take it during a heatwave