Need advice: Best fat burn caps?

T-Rex is very good as well.

Once per day: Start out with one 12.5mg Ephedrine HCL with one 200mg Caffeine pill, you can add 1 aspirin with it, but it is not necessary, the aspirin only makes the effects last a little longer but is very bad for your stomach, so I wouldn't add the aspirin.

Once per day: If you can handle the 12.5mg of Ephedrine HCL you can move on to two 12.5mg pills with one 200mg Caffeine pill.

I would only do this once per day for up to six weeks, then take 2 or 3 weeks off. When you're off the HCL I would take something like Ergopharm AMP, Lipo6 or SAN TIGHT.

DO NOT MIX HCL with any other stimulant (AMP, Lipo6, SAN Tight etc.) you're asking for trouble if you do.

It's very possible you may feel like utter crap on HCL, this is normal, your heart may race, this somewhat normal. Please use caution while using this.

MegaPro used to sell HCL under the name "VasoPro", this was great stuff, however I think they stopped making it in pill form, you'll have to check it out, I suggest using to order and check out their "supplement" message board, there's alot of guys who know their shit there.

This is by far the best fat loss stack out there.

Wowza!!! I am impressed!!! Thanks so much! Gonna go do that search right now ... thanks you guys ... greatly appreciate all your help!



If I drink a Redline at noon I get so wired that I can't eat the rest of the
day, except for maybe a Muscle Milk.

Not exactly healthy, but a short-term quick fix to drop some pounds.

I accidentally took too much of the Redline concentrate once before Muay Thai and I my heartrate was out of control. I worked for about two minutes before my heart was crazy racing with a cold sweat.

I have never taken it since, but if I had stayed within the reccomended dosage I should have been ok.

just take a multi-vitamin, fish oil/flax caps and drink green tea/yerba mate

I am sooooooooo impressed at the extent to which many of you on this forum go to stay in shape!! I commend you all and wish I had your knowledge and dedication! I had no idea just how perfect a place this was to ask that question!!!

I think it's interesting how much work and observation you do to know the effects of these substances on the body ... right down to every few hours! I really must hang around here more often and learn ... I've always liked you guys ... (eyes downcast, blushing sheepishly)

OK, so I'm a girl so I just want to take something before each workout twice a day, just an easy capsule or two ... a few you guys have suggested sound interesting and doable so I will go to ... hey ... are most of these available at GNC or can I get them from any pharmacy or gym perhaps? I bought the xenadrine and the thermodrine from the local savon drug store but I don't recall a HUGE selection of thermogenics ... And finally ... is there perhaps one that is better for women than men? If so, would love to hear about it ...




We got hugs!!!


You say that "Aspirin inhibits prostaglandin production outside of the cells, which, in conjunction with caffeine, greatly prolongs the thermogenic effects and increased metabolism by substaining elevated cAMP levels."

Does that mean that for someone who wants to stay away from ephedrine, the caffeine and aspirin are the keys to that stack and the ephedrine is just a bonus? How should the caffeine be taken? Is a cup of coffee sufficient or should it be taken in pill form?

"Take one diet pill and then switch to another. You can get used to one particular pill your body can get used to it and you won't lose as much or anything with it."

That probably has more to do with the "HOLY FUCKING SHIT I WANT TO CLEAN MY HOUSE AND MY NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE THEN MY CAR" feeling than the actual brown adipose tissue activation, appetite suppressant, and lean muscle mass preserving actions. I have noticed switching from one type of ephedrine or caffeine to another feels stronger.

You work out twice a day and need a fat burner? Does your "work out" consist of sitting on the bike and watching soap operas?

No no 99, I've BEGUN working out twice a week starting this Monday past ... hell, I'm up at 4:48 am! I had a few thermadrines left from previously and they are kickin my ass into high gear! Have to buy new bottle which is why I came on here to ask you guys what the best thermogenics are in your experience.

Once my man moves here from Canada I won't need the gym to stay in shape ... if you know what I mean ... and I think you do ... say n'more say n'more, wink wink, nudge nudge ...

thanks again,



lol at Noellee just losing her fan club.

j/k Noellee, but I would definitely add another workout in there if you can. 2x a week won't get you great fact that is more for maintaining.

i have only used a fat burner once and it was a couple months ago. I used HotRox. it worked great for me.
you can get it pretty inexpensive at Walmart. I think $25 for like 90caps.

Have you tried Barfing?
Works fantastic from what I hear and you don't have to work out.

How bout Meth mixed with Winstrol and Riddelin?

That or you could drink vinegar, run in a garbage bag, and take powerful lazitives IMO... you won't look better but you will def be fucking lighter!


HotRox Extreme by a mile. I dont tolerate stimulants well, yet I can stomach HRX after a week of starting with one pill a day to 4 (the max recommanded dose).

The fat melts.

Eating properly. Amazing affects.

Oops did I say twice a week? no no, I meant twice a day!!!

I have a fan club? How exciting!!!

Bullemia, riddelin, crack, crystal meth ... hmmmmmmmmm ... you guys are full of so very many helpful suggestions! (lol)

Thanks again you guys, I think I'm gonna go for that lipodrine and the eph., caff., aspirin if I can find that mix ... I assume all available from GNC, right?



"Eating properly. Amazing affects."

Eating properly is about 1,000x easier with the ECA stack for most people. You think about food like its medicine so you can actually be smart about what you eat. Lots of people need to build up to eating healthy too. It took me like 6-10 months of old style donuts from Safeway and Costco muffins rehab before I could just eat that stuff once in awhile.

AND thermogenic (ECA) products keep more lean muscle mass when you're dieting, and I think this is in the Euro studies on it (And I'm gonna guess Sweden did them, because Sweden does everything cool). I lost weight with it and without. Without it my arms basically disapeared (I have crappy genetics armwise so this is specific to me...not everybody is gonna get skinny arms cause they lose weight without ECA). My muscle/fat loss ratio was about half and half too. Ugh. I think I'll use it when losing fat from now on.

Oh, and you go crazy and want to clean your dirty ass house. I mean, what more could one ask for?