need advise about pre fight diet

hello all,

right now i am in thailand training as hard as i ever did my whole life. training is really taking a tool on me as i bearly have energy to do anything else besides it.

i was wondering if anyone can give me a few tips about my eating habits and maybe give me advise on a certin supplement that might help imrpove my energy levels and my well being as i am feeling burned out a little(even got a little sick lately)

my day looks like this:

10-11 i will eat a big bowel of musli mixed with all bran cereal.

14:30 i will eat 2 orders of pad thai(thai noodles mixed with egg, some veggies and chicken)

16:00 until 19:30 is when i train.

20:00 a big salad that i make that consistes of 3 tomtoes,2 onions,red peper,cucumber, some carrots with olive oil and a whole lot of grilled chicken in it. a few slices of whole wheat bread.

i usually snack inbtween those 3 meals with fruits like apples,bananas and pineapples.

i take a multi vitmen,a B complex and an extra 1000mg of vitmen C.

anything i should change or add ?

thanks alot !

First problem is that there seems to be a twelve hour gap where you are not eating. Change that so that you go no more than 7-8 hours without eating.

Second, get some protein in your morning meal. Maybe add 6 egg whites and two whole eggs to the Musli/bran meal.

Third, add protein to your between meal snacks. Possibly some kind of seeds or nuts.

Fourth, split your vitamin C into a morning dose and an evening dose. Also, add another multi so you are taking one upon waking and one before bed.

The actual ingredients of your diet look to be very good. Just a bit of minor tweaking and you should notice some difference.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

thanks alot for the advise JRSFITNESS1. i will do as you say. i really do feel the lack of protien in the morning as i am still quite hungery after breakfast.