need for sponsers for next fight

What up everyone? I am trying to get sponsers for my next fight with Beger!!! Our first fight was great and have had a lot of following of my fights since then. I am one of the most exciting fighters in the sport. But for me to keep fighting at the top and be able to train the way I need to fight Guys like Berger, Reily,and any other Fighters and bring back the win, I need sponsors. So please E-mail me at


nuri. contact phil ellis of directstrike. he's a new gear/website company out of new hampshire that I know is starting to look for sponsoring events/fighters.

phil ellis []


if you cant spell sponsor are you really qualified to have one? j/k :) Nuri is a very exciting fighter and certainly deserving of a sponsOr

nuri im a fan but im i met you a few times and thought a lot of the way you carried yourself.anyone who wanted to sponcer someone in this sport could not do much the way if anyone wants to give me money so i can drink more beers before i fight contact me ill be on my couch healing from my last fight when i spent my beer money at the casino.and fucked up my game plan.if you want entertainment give me your money bitches

Thanx guys I realized the spelling error after I posted and could change the title.


ttt for the only guy around who is literally talking shit inside the ring through the entire fight

the two best fighters at their weight on the same thread .all we need now is mat hughes and crocop

ttt for one of the most exciting fighters in MMA. Unfortunately, chronic poverty excludes me from sponsoring anyone.

Nuri, i sent u an email if you didnt receive it let me know


nuri. dont' forget my cut :)

Nuri is alot of fun to watch at fights. Win or lose he is on fire in their ; now Nuri is more mature and cunning . I see this kid doing real well if somone makes the investment.


Jerry I'll sponsor a keg of beer for your next party. Heard about Nebraska. Nuri I am poor now and have to work for Kipp.

what will 22 cents get me?

where is everyone going apr 2 jersy or mass.i had to cancel reality fighting due to floating now i have to chose

TTT till Nuri's sponsored

You gunna be there saturday?

Hey Jerry, the Bonetards will be at both events. So you'll have peeps no matter where your ugly ass ends up.

TTT for Nuri.