need help

I recently had to have two screws put threw my ankle. I am just now getting to walk some so I don't have a lot of use of my ankle yet. I was wondering if you guys could recommend any good workout programs that will help me get some exercise again. I've looked at scrapper's workouts and also at pilates as possibilities. I can do sit-ups, push-ups, and so on fine but am restricted from many standing exercises. Anything would be appreciated. Also, some low stress ankle and calf exercise would be good to build up strength in my lower leg again also. My calf on my left leg is about an inch smaller around than my right from lack of use:(

Anybody got any ideas?

I'm getting over a bad ankle sprain, and here are some
exercises that my sports med podiatrist gave me. They might
be of some use to you. In order of mild to more difficult:

While sitting, or standing on your good leg, write the alphabet
with your toes.

Use a thera-band (like a big rubber band) to work your ankle
in different directions of movement. Stand up, tie the thera-
band around a table leg or post, and tie the other around
your foot. Work backwards, forwards, sideways, angles.

Stand on both feet on a balance board. When you can do
that easily, do 1/4 squats. Later, build up to 1/2 squats.

Stand on one leg (your bad leg) and balance for a while.

Stand on your bad leg and close you eyes and balance.

Stand on your bad leg, balance, and do one-legged calf
raises (eyes open)

He also suggested walking on dirt trails, to force the ankle to
adjust to slightly uneven surfaces.

Good luck in your rehab!

Hi!For recovery after any trauma you have to use theraband(stretchable rubber bands).Sit on the flor or a banch with your leg extended.Put the band(or resistance tubing)arround your foot.Start extending ancle joint(move your foot to the floor.relax, repeat.Start movind it to the sides(eversion-inversion).Hook the band in front and loop it arround the foot. Pull the foot (flex ancle joint).Start with minimal resistance(band and tubing goes in 7 grades, average cost $12-20 in any sporting goods stores or online).Select the resistanse so you could do at list 15 in each set.Good luck.