need tips on creating a training regiment.

 Hey guys,

I'm currently in Afghanistan and I am working with my buddies and pieceing together a work out plan that will stress cardio and lean muscle building. I have some ideas but was wanting to consult the S&C ground for any info on supplmentation, training advice, tips, etc...

I am wanting to compose the work outs with primarily crossfit type of excercises.... box jumps, cleans, push ups, burpee's, etc...

We have a pretty good cook here where I am at, it's by no means the greatest or healthy 24/7 but I got to work with what I have.

If you guys have anywhere I could look online we'd greatly appreciate it.



Well, if you want to form a regiment, you need to get about 1000 or so people together, divide them into battalions, companies, platoons and squads, and establish a leadership chain of command.

As for a regimen, well, that's a totally different story. All together.

 har har.  good one there...

What sort of equipment do you have over there at the moment?

Hope all is well for you.

 basic lifting equipment, bench, squat rack., some free weights, the basic gym equipment. We've actually go it pretty good here at the COP i'm at.