Nenad Vs. Assou @ NAGA

From his posts on another thread, this guy Nenad seems to have a big beef with Master Assou. Why not have a superfight between these two at the Chicago NAGA to clear the air.

Seems like Nenad is a young fighter looking to make his name at the top, and what better way to do so than to face the legendary abu dhabi/shooto/kodakan fighter at Chicago's inaugural NAGA tournament. Master Assou can also put an end to all the talk of the doubters, by accepting the challenge and showcasing his skills on this up and comer.

Master Bob, you're a man of action, make this happen!


tristan, how much does nenad weigh??? (185) ?

what other posts?

Nenad usually fights at around 170lbs, he seems a lot heavier when he wrestles though, he is really slick.

could be a good match, if Assou did some hardcore training in the mean time.

Nenad 42 to 0

On a side note, how is Dino Costeas doing? Is he healthy? I'd like to see him competing at NAGA! He's a badass!

Is this Nenad Drag?

Sounds great... Nenad by Sub.

Does Nenad really need a last name? I mean he is kind of like Prince. He is not easily confused with all of the other fighting Nenad's!

Sean Burke


Nenad is a tough guy. TTT for Nenad. Great fighter and very cool guy. JP

Why doesn't Assou just compete in the tournament to earn respect? Nenad is smaller and just got a purple belt I still think he would win but that is a lose/lose situation for Assou. If he wins then all he beat was a smaller lower ranked guy and if he loses well he lost to a smaller lower ranked guy.

But in truth Nenad has won titles (gi and no gi) that people can verify Assou hasn't or their wouldn't be a question of his skills.


how's it going jeff? lookin forward to the feb 7 Xtreme Kage Kombat... and the after party!!

Paul from Chicago

Nenad is bad man, and a pretty cool cat as well. Don't know much about Assou (Other than the thread about him here), but I'd have to pick Nenad. I wonder if ATT's Pablo Popovich will be making the trip up?

Hey Paul, Hows it going? Yeah I can't wait for the fights myself. This one should be alot better just from all the talk that is going on around town. Can't wait for the post party myself. I didn't get back until 8:00 the next morning... I think.LOL Maybe we can get this fight to happen at my event??? It would be great to see Nenad fight again. How's your healing doing? Later JP

I don't think weight matters if this is a grappling match. I've heard this guy Nenad went against the much heavier Terry Martin on one minutes notice. This would be a great superfight with lots of local interest.

ttt for Nenad vs Iqqkaput

Make it happend!!