New Amateur Rules??

SO now I guess that if you fight Pro in any state, you can NOT still fight amateur in a different are pro everywhere.

And after 6 amateur fights, you must then become a registered pro?

Anyone else heard about these? And Im sure there are more that we arn't aware of.

My dear friend vengence, there is some very evil thinking going on in 4 different commissions which actually could turn out even WORSE... ie NO amateur

Can't say much yet, but very soon I can announce an event that is hoping to change the way MMA is done in the US, for the BETTER

I know, it's a tease, but it does answer your question, ie YES, there is at least one commissioner who wants to make you go pro after 6 matches. But there is another who wants to ban amateur MMA altogether

even so, I doubt all states will go by what those commisions say. especially if they try to water down the sport with stupid rules

Some people don't get it....

"fans" don't want them to "water down the sport with stupid rules".... but the fact that the amateurs are being subjected to the same rules as the professionals is exactly why commissions want to get rid of ALL amateur MMA...

Commissions come from a boxing perspective. If the "fans" can't accept that, it doesn't matter, because those are the dudes in power.

We're in a critical time right now, and the hardcore, extremist fans are NOT helping the sport

And trust me, if NV and NJ go a certain way, so will MOST of the other states

yeah, let boxing get ahold of mma. no good will come from it. they already hate it. and the UFC calling boxing not real doesn't help.

don't get me wrong. rules are necessary to protect us as athletes.

however, I would hate to see the rules just turn mma into shooto or pancrase. I love those sports but they if I wanted to fight with pancrase rules, I would fight in a pankration assocition.

amateur mma needs commissioned, no doubt. but we need to keep it mma at the same time.

Whether you like it or not, "boxing" already has a hold on MMA, because state athletic commissions come from the boxing world and their people look at everything like it's boxing

Amateur boxing has different rules and equipment than pro boxing. There is a clear line between the two. If MMA doesn't create a similar situation, and SOON, then the commissions are going to say "hey, you don't really do amateur MMA, so lets' make it illegal"!

This isn't a guess or a theory, it IS going on right now...

Funny you rag on Shooto, they produce some of the best MMA athletes in the world, and they do it with a very developed system including a layered amateur program.

In a perfect world, we'd all be rich and married to beautiful super models who were nymphomaniacs... barring that wonderful reality, we have to deal with the world we really live in....

"Funny you rag on Shooto, they produce some of the best MMA athletes in the world, and they do it with a very developed system including a layered amateur program."
i didn't rag on it. Actaully i said i loved it. I would fight in shooto and pancrase matches if they held them close to me.

Fair enough, I thought you didn't like their amateur formats

But I think if we had a similar system here, we'd have both better fighters and MORe fighters

shoot me an email. I would like to further talk to you about your thoughts on mma commissions.

I'm at

Well the fighting pro in one state making you pro everywhere rule seems to be in play right now. We had a guy from our team suspended for 6 months because of a show he fought at in boston. But no one knew these rules. And I think that its BS. Besides we no longer have elbows on the ground in Ohio, as a means to seperate pro/amateur levels.

being a pro in one state = pro in all states should NOT be a surprise to anyone, and IS a fair rule

You want Roy Jones or Mike Tyson entering the local golden gloves in another state? :-o

Whose team are you with in OH? Scott's? Jorge's?

well I think that when your at the minor levels. and you are not pro in ohio and you wanna fight in a hometown event that is amateur like ICE. you hsould be afforded that right.

I am with the guys from SACAN Martial Arts. Neal Rowe's school in cincinnati. . awesome team to train with.

This is what I've been dreaming about forever, an amateur
organization that is as or more leveled and structured as shooto, I
think this is exactly what the sport (and i repeat, sport) needs to
grow and create fighters

What is really the difference between amateur and professional?

Hasn't it always been time, training and practical ring experience in boxing and kickboxing, while it's whether or not you get paid in MMA?

Up to about 1.5 years ago, Ohio did not acknowledge professional MMA (paying the fighter in Ohio to fight), but it was okay to stomp on your opponents face in an amateur fight. As of just a week or so ago, they do not allow forearm/elbow strikes.

Although fighters may not receive a "purse," they can get X number of $ per ticket they sell.

agree with everything lkfmdc is saying here... amateur MMA would benefit greatly from modeling itself after a structured amateur system such as shooto or even amateur boxing... the proposal on any level of fighting pro in one state and expecting to fight amateur in another, for any reason, is ludicrous and subject to dangerous practices by those who manipulate that "right"...

for a dangerous sport such as MMA, there needs to be concrete rules and regulations in place so there are no unnecessary injuries (which are the only thing that gets attention and would be the end of the sport if severe enough) and there is a competitive, and most of all, fair training ground for fighters wanting to go pro or just compete on an amateur level...

don't confuse the athletic commissions with the corrupt boxing federations... the commissions are in place for teh safety of the athletes and promotion of a fair sport... of course, they are only as good as the people running them, but done right, are a great asset to the athlete...

keep us in the loop, lkfmdc, and keep fighting the good fight... even if the knuckleheads on here think a better amateur MMA means knees, stomps and pros fighting as amateurs...

Thanks for the support, and hopefully soon there will be something concrete you can actively support. If you are in OH, chime in here, because I think that is going to be where the first step takes place, that's why I asked Vengence which team he was with..

The best thing we could all do would be to simply ignore the state boxing commission(s) and hold MMA events without their sanction / permission / etc. Because we don't need it in the first place.

Yes this means running the risk of being put in jail (but only because "they" outnumber us and have more guns) but freedom always comes at a great price. The early civil rights activists in the US in the 60's were often jailed, beaten and abused for standing up for their principles. The question before us is "do we have the courage to stand for our principles?"

Sovereign individuals do NOT now, or ever, need permission from "the state" to engage in consensual activities that don't infringe the rights of others... whether that activity is sex, fighting, self-medication, whatever.

And if it takes a little civil disobedience to make that point, well... a spirit of civil disobedience has been part of our heritage from December 16, 1773 (a little incident in Boston) through the 1960's (I seem to recall something about a black lady refusing to give up her seat on a bus); and hopefully still lives today.

I hope you are not being serious

Amateur MMA is a SCAM and should be stopped UNLESS SERIOUS rule changes exist between amateur and professional IMO.

Amateur boxing (and kickboxing) IS a good way to look at it (regardless of why state boxing associations are using boxing as their base outlook).

Shooto has EXCELLENT MMA rules (as they are essentially the same as UFC rules, Pancrase, or Pride rules...really, the four aren't SO different).

Now, Amateur Shooto has VERY different rules than regular Shooto.

I like that and think that if someone is NOT getting paid, they shouldn't be exposed to the same risks as someone getting paid.

I'd like to see knees on all fours in the UFC of course, but I also don't want to see amateur MMA fighters being exposed to the same rules as current UFC fighters. Once they get paid, sure. They are professionals, they can take risks if they choose to.

just my opp