New BJJ Class In Manhattan

New Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school opening in NYC!!!

Are you tired of overpriced Jiu-jitsu? Contracts? Year-long commitments?

There's a new school opening up that's completely affordable, where you only pay $13 a contracts or commitments. Just $13 per class.

Marcio Santos, 1st degree black belt from Brazil, and member of the Rigan Machado Association, is starting classes in Manhattan this Friday.

All are welcome, from experienced BJJ practitioners or people new to the art. Gi and No-gi, your choice!!!

Rod Rogers Institute,
62 E. 4th Street (bet Bowery and 2nd Ave).
Come and check it out.

Classes are Fridays at 8:00PM & Saturdays at 3:30PM
(Sunday Classes Will Start Soon As Well, but the time hasn't been finalized)

TTT. I'll be there for sheez.

great. then we can quiz you about how to do the hurricane.

Is this part of Marcos' school?



This is not affiliated with Marcos' School at all. Marcio is completely on his own...and far enough away that it doesn't negatively affect his brother's business. Marcio has Rigan's permission to open a school downtown.

Phatboy...look forward to seeing you there.


$13!!!!!!!!! I AM SO THERE! Worth the trip from Brooklyn!

It'll be great to see you there. Marcio's starting a Sunday class this week at 11am-2pm

This is a little off topic. I am visiting New York late Apr-May . I am looking for a Gi day class on Monday May 1st. Any suggestion??

I believe I will be staying around Central Park.



very interesting ...

Hey, I'll be visiting NYC from Australia from 19 Apr. You OK for me to join in on a few classes? [Sounds great!]

I have a torn meniscus, how are the classes structured? Can I go and drill moves but not roll or do things I'm uncomfortable with? I'm in ny till mid may.



Marcio welcomes everyone. He is hates the "politics" we so often see in BJJ, and welcomes everyone from any school.

It's totally fine for you not to roll if you're injured. A friend of mine has the same problem, so he's only going to drill, and then do some light open guard work. Last Saturday another friend of mine was nursing a shoulder injury, so he also took it very light.