Showdown is very proud to announce that we have moved to a new home.

Starting next week Showdown will be at 206 Dundas St. London Ontario.

Our new home will also be the new home of "Grand Row Sports Gym". The gym will offer Olympic style boxing, Self Defense, Kickboxing, and we are proud to announce that Ze Mario Esfiha will be our BJJ instructor, teaching four classes a week.

We will also have Adam Higson, Canadian super middleweight Muay Thai Champion and his coach Gordon Gong overseeing our Muay Thai program.

We invite "everyone" to come visit and participate in one of our classes. This is an open gym with no attitude and no egos. It is a place where anyone can come in to use our facilities to become better combat sport athletes no matter what their goals.

With the gym and our shop up and running, and our magazine being put together there, this place will be a MMA dream come true. Please drop by and say hello.

call us anytime: 519-673-5895

Hope to see you there in 2004.

Take care and all the best.

Mike "The Shooter's shooter" McNeil

Shit that sounds awesome guys good luck for 2004. With that type of facility everyone should see good talent in the ring soon

Has Esfiha left St Catherines?

Ya, does this mean Esfiha is gone from NBJJ?? If so, who is going to replace him????

I ll be teaching at both locations. So for my old students will be the same.
But now i'll have a chance to make the Team biger!!!
Every one is welcome to come and try... and if you have any doubt about anything i'll be glad to help if i can!!!
Esfiha "Master Team"

TTT for Esfihao!

Good News...

Best of Luck guys...

Team Tompkins

WOW! Good deal! Is there a website with class times etc or should we call the phone number?

Hi Everyone,

I want to let everyone know that while Esfiha is awaty teaching at other locations, the BJJ Program is left in the very capable hands of Vince Mattei, purple under Esfiha, and Chad Leeson, blue belt under Esfiha.

These guys are great guys, great teachers, and they can roll.

Bringing Esfiha to our gym was just the first step in helping to bring his teachings to ALL of Ontario and Canada. When other gyms want to bring him in and share his teachings, then we are accomplishing what we started out to do.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Any questions regarding when Esfiha is in St.Catharines please call me at (905) 329 - KICK.


Rich Beaupit

Heh, I just realized that Rich was the first guy to ever show me anything about BJJ in person at a seminar I went to in Lockport New York in '98. It was a double bill and if I remember correctly everyone who wasn't there for Rich bitched about having to grapple with the exception of me who wanted to keep doing it afterwards and they made fun of me.

Then I poked a guy in the eye and they yelled at me.

Ha ha ha!


Best of luck with the gym. I want to publicly state that I'm envious and jealous and sad that I cannot help you guys with this. You guys know I REALLY HOPE this succeeds and the foundation you guys have put in mplace is stellar. It's too bad I live 2 hours away but I'm wondering if I can still train when I come up to visit...:) Seriously, I'm sooooo proud of you guys and know this will be another step in the evolution of MMA, in Showdown and in yourselves.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend...:)

I will show up when Showdown Joe comes there. Stalking has it's benefits.


Esfiha will still be teaching at Rich Beaupit's in Niagara. Beaupit's is one of the finest schools I have trained at and I can only hope that mine will be as open, diverse and continually growing as Rich's. Why do you think we stole Esfiha for a few days a week ;-).

We will also work closely with Rich's with cross training our guys at each other's gym. When I have a team ready to go we will be travelling to Niagara to train and we hope this will allow us to grow as a team and also trade ideas, be competitive in a friendly environment and give guys experience for MMA and other combat sports.

With our contacts in the combat sports we hope to have some exciting seminars for people as well.

A site will be going up in about 2 weeks, but feel free to call us anytime and even drop by as we will be back and forth moving our store to the gym.

Take care.


The downtown Showdown Store was great but there was no parking. Which kinda bit the big one. It meant you sorta had to park, get in and then out before the parking nazi's got you. With some parking you can take your time and really max out your visa.

Thanks for the props Joe and everybody too!

Hope to see you soon at the new place!

If you're coming to the store at 171 Queens or the new store at 206 Dundas... call first... 519-673-5895

Parking is free on the weekends and free after 6 pm M-Fri.

But I may have some 'special' arrangements for Canuck UG brothers and sisters!

Does that mean you're dropping the restraining order against me?

I even promise I will stop going through your trash at night.

Best of luck Mike! Please shoot me an email when youre free!

Wow!! Are you sure that you are talking about London, Ontario? You know, the one in Canada!! First, we get the Showdown store and then Shamrock comes and now this. Great!! Good luck guys. About time London joined the bigs.

Hey Dougie. Another place you won't be able to get to because you will have to work. Oh ya. I'm 150lbs now. **flexing posing** You are going to be the runt for a while now.


esfiha and adam are both great instructors!!!

esfiha is an ugly frogger though

Congrats guys!