New LA Boxing open in central NJ

a new la boxing opened on rt 9 marlboro nj. when an la boxing comes into a place like central nj, that has a ton of bjj and mma schools already, where do they get their instructors from? im wondering if theyll wind up having a renzo guy teach bjj there or what.

owner not go there...plenty of good BJJ and MMA schools in the area...

I would love to start training again in NJ, live near Rutgers. Only problem is I have no spare cash to pay for a gym....anyone have suggestions, would like to train in the evening time if anyone is looking to. I have no BJJ experience, but willing to learn.

Right in the same area you have Modern MA... you have Real Fighting Dojo ... Rhino Fight Team in Brick ...Pitts Penn in Middletown ...Team Olivera in Howell ... I know there is another Gracie affiliate in Middletown ... Sayreville Fight Club ... forgive me if I forgot one... no need to go somewhere where the owners know nothing ...

oh i have no plans on going there, i started training at a renzo affiliate years ago and dont plan on changing that. it just surprised me to see this place pop up in my backyard, with a big new sign reading boxing kickboxing mma and all shiny new inside.

'All that glitters isn't gold'

ttt for anyone who knows who the trainers are there.

I would think Ed would be the best source when it comes to schools in NJ. So go with his advice.

im not familiar with ed but it seems his word is respected so ill trust it.

Ignore Ed go check it out for yourself. LA Boxing is supposed to have professional fighters for instructors, we are opening one up in Carlsbad, Ca (San Diego)

this is Ed:


Go and see and make up your own mind...
Ty Pilot

i know who lapell crank is, this is what i kinda expected. he went to my highschool and has his own boxing gym in sayreville nj called jab. ive been told hes good. as for the jj instructor i hope hes at least a purple or better.

That is up to the owner.. at our gym we have a black belt affiliate with most of the classes being taught by yours truly (purple belt). Our affiliate will handle some classes and all promotions. I wish you the best of luck!

thanks for the info.

Ya know... I'm from south Jersey, and I get home offen. I need to check out some of these places. Anyone want to give me the run down on the names of schools, where they are, who the instructors are and who their affiliation is?

I'm from Woodstown. (Last exit before tolls for the TP and Del Mem Br)... or exit 4 off 295 South. Funny, ya never really hear anyone claim they are in or from "Central NJ"... that's kinda considered the Pine Barrens... and people who live there are "Pineys"...kinda inbred types. BUT HEY... times are changin' right? (cringe)

when we say central nj we are usually referring to middlesex county area, then maybe as far up as jc or newark from there, and as far south as ocean and monmouth county from there. basically all the counties that have a direct commute to nyc.

"this is Ed:"

Pilot201 - Ed Hsu is a promoter who is part of Monte Cox's Extreme Challenge promotion. He does not work for the USKBA - that's Paul Rosner's organization.