New MMA league could include athlete union and 50/50 revenue split

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I have a bridge you can buy too…


Affliction 2.0.


It won’t last long.

Who is behind this initiative? Get to the bottom of the story @J_Burgos. Scoop Ariel on the rest of the details!


I don’t understand how they plan on getting enough big names to make it interesting in the beginning. I can think of a couple people who are coming up on the end of their contracts who could be marquee fighters but where do you get enough other people for multiple competitive weight classes?

I get the appeal from a fighters perspective and the higher revenue split sounds great and is well deserved, but is a bigger piece of a smaller pie enough to draw people away from the allure of the UFC?

Is there even enough interest for another large promotion?

Cool. I’ll check back in 2 years.

They have that, it’s called Invicta and somehow it won’t die


According to sources, a number of influential industry individuals have come together to create a new MMA league

Guessing it’s that Bjorn dude from early Bellator who was trying to grift off a fighters union a couple years ago.

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That union was super weird. BUT I’ve had several encounters with Bjorn and he was super cool. He was really passionate about upcoming fights. I guess he could have been fake with me but I got the sense he was genuine & he was a lot cooler than he appeared. I was with a buddy that fought for Bellator and Bjorn sent him a text after the fight calling it “fight if the night, I’ve watched it 10 times already” etc. I kind of miss him.

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I love Scott Coker and what he did with Strikeforce, but something at Bellator just seems off these days. I can’t really put my finger on what it is. There are some great fights coming up with the LHW tournament

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They were relying too heavily on waaaaaay past their prime UFC fighters for the past few years. Now it seems like they’re finally putting more emphasis on their own young homegrown talent.


I don’t think the owners truly know what’s like to run something on the level of the UFC. It’s completely pie in the sky type of stuff.

Eventually I think you’ll see the UFC give more of a piece to fighters especially as inflation rises.

At the end of the day if the fighters want more $ go market yourselves ala Colby or Masvidal. Colby has the personality of a doorknob but he manufactured himself into bigger paychecks.


More like the IFL

You’re right. I just heard Ariel talk about it more. It’s going to be structured exactly like that. It will have owners, teams, GM’s and a salary cap.

I could see up and comers doing this. Teams from ATT, Jackson’s and AKA ect taking part.


The league now has a name.

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Teams in mma doesn’t work. The IFL tree that and it was lame