NEW NG Boarding Program!

The Next Generation Boarding Program offers individuals from around the world a very unique opportunity.

This program is designed for those who are SERIOUS about improving their martial arts skills in areas such as No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling. A Heavy emphasis will be placed on MMA training but this program is NOT exclusive to only MMA athletes. We enourage ALL to participate and take part in this great experience. This program IS NOT for the weak of heart. We train hard and we train often. This IS NOT a VACATION. But it is a great time of learning and enjoying the company of those who love MMA and Martial Arts in general.

The program offers you a chance to train with not only UFC and Pride Veteren Chris Brennan but also his Professional World Class Fight Team.

You will have unlimited access to ALL of NG's state of the art facilities and classes.

Your boarding will be in a 3,000 sq.ft. home in Mission Viejo. The house features DirectTV, internet access, washer/dryer, refridgerator, stove/oven,BBQ. Ping Pong Table. And we do have HALO!

There are three option for your length of stay:

2 Weeks $400 1 Month $600 3 Months $500 (per month)

Price includes access to all home items listed above plus transportation to and from the airport and to all classes. You will also get discounted shopping at a wholesale store to minimize the cost of food during your stay.

The program has been up and running now for 4 months and we are seeing outstanding results.

Come have the expeience of a life time and be part of the Next Generation family, dramatically improve your martial arts skills, develop life-long friendships, and stay in and enjoy all that Southern California has to offer!

We hope to see you soon.

Zack Brennan

CONTACT: Zack Brennan (

cellular: 949-370-5695

Email me when you get a chance.

Dan Swift

Dan my email is down right now, we are our maximum bandwidth right now, but we are currently working on getting more.

I will email you asap.

sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, I have been overwhelmingly busy.

Sounds like an awesome program.

How many hours a day for training?

There is more hours than yu can physically handle.

a total of 4 hours of BJJ, 1 hour Muay Thai, 1 wrestling, 2 hour fight class. Plus cardio workouts at the beach. Is that enough for ya ;)

This looks like a good way to spend a vacation.

11:00am Jiu-Jitsu

1000 steps in Laguna Beach

4:30pm Fight Team Training.

6:00pm Jiu-Jitsu

7:30 Muay Thai

9:00 eat and sleep.

typical day...

Any step aerobics?

Spin class and Palates at 4:00am

I'm there!!!!!


Embalmer, I just realized who you were! How's everything goin? Thanks for coming out to the seminar, I hope you enjoyed it.

So who is it?

Holy Crap!!! I might have to re-plan my summer vacation.

What do you think the food and any additional costs would be?


also if anyone emailed me in the last few days please send them again, my email went down and went it was booted back p I lost EVERYTHING. Sorry for the delay and inconveience.

You got mail

Congrats to you guys!!!!


i'm in baby aaallllll summer

I think CB should do this :)