New Saulo DVD Set Out Soon!

Saulo Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2 has just been completed! This is his long awaited 2nd series with the kimono. This series has some of the flavor of his first with some new and exciting advanced material. Saulo has been developing some new positions that him and Xande (Xande is not in the new set) believe will become very popular based on their effectiveness. One is the X-Pass and another is the Running Escape. The X-Pass is not to be confused with passing the X-Guard, but is a complete new guard passing game that uses an X configuration in your grips and body position. It is very slick! The Running Escape is really amazing and there is another whole DVD just on this topic. I am not going to explain all of this right now but will post some images and pics soon. The new set has a DVD on take downs also. 6 DVDs in all. More info coming soon and will be on sale around November.

Paul Viele

 World Martial Arts



Clips please.

If its half as good as the original it would still be a worthy purchase.



Do you also plan on putting out a follow up set to his no-gi material by any chance some time in the future?

I myself would be particularly interested in seeing some follow up to his sweeping game for no-gi.

To be honest, I really do not see another submission grappling set coming from Saulo anytime soon. It is not something that we have talked about at all so that should give you a good idea.

WMA is working about a year out from all new productions. That's how much time and planning goes into each set. This is also why I never say anything until it's finished! I do have another A-Game set planned for this year also with another big name. We are not filming until a few more weeks, so more info when its done.

As far as clips, come on! I am the King of clips so no need to ask. As soon as editing is finished, clips and art work will be posted.

I know i'll be waiting for the release!

Saulo's instruction is top notch and I don't need a lot of convincing to buy this set. But just to "hype it up" a bit, could you give an outline (or just titles) of what the 6 DVDs are? Much appreciated.

I had a good preview of those techniques,a couple of weeks ago at the Saulo seminar in Louisville,KY.Good stuff


"As far as clips, come on! I am the King of clips so no need to ask"

LOL good point. Lookin forward to it.

Also, Paul have you seen the Carlos Machado DVD?

You might want to check it out, the way Carlos and Tim demo techniques really help the learning process, it would be great to see that in more dvds.



Any news on Sperry Vale Tudo 4 which I believe you brought up mid/late last year ?

Are plans really in the works for a 4th Mario Sperry Vale Tudo set?

What could he have possibly left out of the first three sets regarding BJJ in MMA that could be stretched into an entire new series?

No idea, but Paul Viele himself was the one who said it was in the works and Sperry had a 'ton of new stuff'

I vaguely remember a few months after the inital post he said it had been delayed or something, but I personally never saw any info saying they had decided to cancel....


Sperry has allot of new stuff ready to be filmed for a Vale-Tudo 4. He broke his hand and we had to cancel our shoot for 2006. Looking to film this set in 07.

I think people will really like Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2. It's not quite the same as the first being more advanced. After all, he is introducing two new positions that have never really been looked at yet. This is a massive contrast from what was shown on Saulo 1. I think however it is a blend of the older teaching style and the new techniques.

Whos Braulo?

And whats the next release for this year?

Hopin for a new marcelo, from reading the seminar notes around here hes got lots more to show.

I hope that the usual Saulo explanations are on this one...even if the positions are more advanced.  I really like his positional tips that make what I already know better.  Some people I guess consider that basic but I find that's the stuff I really use.  Either way I'm sure I'll buy this.  Saulo was one of the best sets I've seen.


Can't wait!

"Sperry has allot of new stuff ready to be filmed for a Vale-Tudo 4. He broke his hand and we had to cancel our shoot for 2006. Looking to film this set in 07. "

Awesome !
Can't wait to see.

Do you like Saulo 1 and 2 as well so am definitley interested in 3.