NEW SBGi Sping Camp 04 DVD set!

It's available NOW. Molly is taking pre-orders that will ship out next week.

This 8 DVD set contains the CUTTING EDGE of SBGi training & curriculum advances!

In addition EACH & EVERY technique sequence on ALL 8 dvd's is listed in a full dvd MENU that makes access for training easy and fast.

Here is some of the info on the set:

RT: 56 minutes

John Frankl
Half Guard Bottom
1. Preventing crossface & getting the underhook
2. Half guard figure four
3. Escaping the headlock
4. Countering the whizzer
5. Q&A

Karl Tanswell
Two on One
1. Body clinch - over the top
2. Body clinch - under the arms
3. Centering and cutting the corner
4. Body clinch - vs the wrist grab
5. Jack Hammer head butt
6. Adding the rake punch
7. Crazy Monkey to Jack Hammer

RT: 59 minutes

Matt Thornton
Five Point Passing game (everything you need to know about passing the Guard technicaly)

  1. Intro
  2. Opening legs - safety position
  3. Opening legs - base and posture; combat base
  4. Alternative base and posture (floating base?)
  5. 2-5 passing formula
  6. Passing formula drills

Luis Gutierrez
Awesome Passes (these passes will be new to everyone, as they come from El Che himself, as developed at the SBGi FLA Gym. And proven in competition)

  1. Intro to x guard
  2. X pass
  3. V pass
  4. Matt's power pass (margarita pass?)

RT: 67 minutes

Paul Sharp
Off Road CLINCH. . .beyond STREET baby!

  1. Intro to positional wrestling
  2. Underhook defense #1 - pass the arm
  3. Underhook defense #2 - grab the elbow
  4. Front choke
  5. Underhook defense #3 - hip in
  6. Double underhook defense
  7. Adding the takedown
  8. Off Road: Underhook defense with striking
  9. Double underhook and guard jump defense
  10. Shoot drills
  11. Spiral ride

RT: 67 minutes

Adam Singer
Double Leg Takedown
1. Double leg takedown without the glide
2. Passing the sprawl

Mike Chapman (SBGi newest BJJ blackbelt and BJJ phenom)
Transmissions (submissions out of movement)

  1. Guard pass to arm bar
  2. Takedown to arm bar
  3. Arm bar to arm bar
  4. Guard pass to triangle
  5. Mount to triangle

Promotions +
Instructor promos
Belt promos

RT: 51 minutes

John Frankl
De La Riva Guard for MMA or self defense!
1. Intro
2. Adding the head kick
3. Defending the off hand
4. Sweeps

Karl Tanswell
(the Alive training method for bladed weapons defense)
1. Intro
2. Defending against the hand switch

Gorilla Cup Trailer

RT: 45 minutes

Luis Gutierrez & Paul Sharp
Civilian ISR Matrix
1. Terms & Philosophy I
2. The Helmet
3. Vs. impact weapons

RT: 45 minutes

Luis Gutierrez & Paul Sharp
Civilian ISR Matrix
1. Underhook fight
2. Terms & Philosophy II

RT: 53 minutes

Matt Thornton
Stick Fighting The SMAC program

  1. Intro
  2. Basics; forehand and backhand
  3. Range; fade
  4. Cover
  5. Crash
  6. Drills
  7. Backhand to legs
  8. Going for the hands
  9. Style vs delivery system
  10. Sparring
  11. Conclusion

THE entire DVD set is 189. for a limited time. Or 39. per dvd.

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We promise you will be blown away by the material, presentation, and quality of this DVD set. It's the future of SBGi products.

*(The majority of the proceeds from this set goes to a fund which helps bring people to Camps that may otherwise not be able to attend.)


I knew these were in production, but had no idea they would be ready this soon. Like butta baby! =)


Jeff, or anyone else. Please post this info on any other forums you may know of as well.

Much appreciated. People will love this set. It has our best material to date. BJJ, clinch, self defense, stick, knife defense, everything.



Remember folks, these are pre-orders. So you will be getting the first batch of dvd's out next week. First come first serve basis.

Once the special is over, what will the normal price be?


looks great

at what camp did Paul Sharp do a workshop on the OVERHOOK?

Was it recorded? Will it also be released soon?



I have your back on the JJGear forum. It's been posted and I'm fielding questions. Plus making sure people know about fall camp...


To all of you that e-mail me about buying these DVD's, PLEASE INCLUDE ALL YOUR INFO!!! (Name, shipping AND billing address if they are not the same, and payment information)


Melvinferd: I believe this (disk 3) is the workshop you refer to. "Underhook defense" here meaning how to defend when the other guy has underhooks on you, thus you have the overhooks. :-)


In disk 2, do you cover gi, no-gi or both?

"In disk 2, do you cover gi, no-gi or both?"


Luis' passes work well both, but I would say the V pass is more gi. We teach passes wearing the gi, and without on the DVD.

The formula (5 point passing game) works for all passes, gi or no-gi.

First batch is going out Friday, thanks for all your orders!!!!!

Just ordered mine today :).

How long till the next batch go out?


Just got mine today!

Awesome service!




ttt for review