New workout - thoughts?

OK, having had to live without Fitrex for a month, I have been muddling through on my own. I am therefore in the process of defining a new workout regime.

Firstly, I am 6'4" and 160lb. I am mainly in training for Muay Thai (though also for general health and vanity reasons). I am looking to increase my strength and endurance in the ring but wouldn't be overly upset by some size gains.

My plan is to do 4 weights workouts a week each one based around one major lift (Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Power Clean) using 2 high rep low weight warm up sets followed by 5 work sets of up to 5 reps (working up to 5x5 then increase weight). I will supplement the main exercise with other work such as Overhead presses, close grip bench, Lat raises, good mornings etc. I will finish off with a body weight exercise such as Pull-ups, Chins, Dips etc and then do a few rounds on the heavy bag.

I will additionally do 1 technique and sparring class per week and try to throw in a couple of runs for Cardio. (About one week in 5 I will cut back on the weight and vol to give my body a recovery period)

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, also ideas for supplementary exercises so that I don't get bored or stale.

hmmm...fitrex has been back online for about a month or so. but instead of running into the same problem if they crap out again I just saved all the workouts to disk. i increased the poundage for future use later. something simple for other workouts are good, especially if you train in MA. Wiggy's workouts are good ideas/workouts to do as well as other contributing members' workouts liek Scrapper's.

Ayla, I saw that it was back, but have decided to have a bash at working something out for myself. Keep the grey matter ticking over as well as the muscles!

ttt for any thoughts?

Buller... Buller... Buller?

hi cockney, wherabout in london do you train?

okay here is some $0.02. You seem to be doing sets and reps similar to that of the Fitrex program with the compound lifts/heavy lifts. That's fine. I suggest throwing in at least one variation of your basic lifts into each day like besides doing the regular back squat, add a zercher squat or front squat. Besides regular bench press, add incline press or one-handed bench press (hard as fudge for me when trying to balance the bar without having the plates slide off the bar). I used to use DB in place of the bar and do explosive punching for the bench press. I would also suggest doing your BWE in the middle, such as pull ups and dips as well as jump squats and jump lunges. It seems to have that 2nd round explosion you want to try and capture. Doing lifts like curls and hundreds of reps of tricep stuff is up to you- keep it similar to fitrex style (at the end).

One thing I used to do when i was in great shape (lol) was do a 4 exercise bwe circuit before my weight workout. That was my warm up. Just this past yr I read articles and found out that what i was doing was GPP. I used to do a circuit that emphasized this: legs, torso, legs, torso. When I wanted to hit my core first I would just add 3-count crunches to make a 5 exercise circuit. Here's an example: 5 sets- 20rock bottom squats, 5 explosive pull ups, 10 lunge squats each side, 25 push-ups, 15 3-count crunches (right crunch to right heel, left crunch to left heel, middle crunch to toes which actually equalled 45 crunches.

So I would do something like then get into the weights. I think that carried over into MA training and competition because I was pushing limits at different times of the workouts- beginning, middle, and end. At least that's what I was trying to do.

The heavy bag work is a great idea. I would think it helps to apply the muscles worked and also helps keep you and the muscle an active recovery.
Does that help?

Cheers for your thoughts Ayala, I have been doing exactly what you suggested, throwing in close grip benches on the Power Clean day etc etc.

Seems to be working for me, and I am starting to feel stronger in the bag work. First time I did this workout, I could barely keep my hands up, now I am pounding the bag!


I work out at the David Lloyd in Kensington (it's pricey but has pretty good facilities and is on my doorstep)

I train MT at Bill Judd's KO gym in Bethnal Green ( and I run in Hyde Park (which is nice)


ttt for anyone elses input (still going well)

Looks good to me the routine.

I'd maybe lower the reps on the power cleans probably to 3 or 4 at max though. 5 would be pushing it for liking, even on a moderate weight. Must stress that you got to keep the form up. Much more likely to bail out of your fatigued and 5 reps of power cleans would do that to anyone.

I'd squat every other day of your training program, but thats just me. Or at least do a leg work every day. So either front or back squats (I'd alternate them actually) and do power cleans in every session. and I'd mix up the rest.

Hey you want to come down and get some Gymnastics training done for flexibility and agility stuff sometime?

I live in Woking in Surrey. 30mins from Waterloo station.