New Years BJJ resolutions

My butterfly guard is crap. My resolution is to attack with the butterfly/half/sitting up guard for the majority of my time on bottom until I am competent. Also, to spend no more than $500 in 2006 on DVD instructionals. Any BJJ resolutions for this coming year?


Wow. Tons of things. First & foremost is to get myself in shape. I'm going with Crossfit workouts & The Grappler's Guide to nutrition to hopefully get me where I want to be physically.

I really want to focus not so much on a particular position but on general movement & timing. I always seem to be a second behind on recognition of what's happening and I miss things that could have finished a match for me. I watch a guy like Marcelo Garcia and to me, what makes him so great is not so much his move set but the fact that he seems to be always two steps ahead of his opponent and is almost always at the right place at the right time.

So that's what I want to improve on this year.

don't sit back to guard, fight for the top position. (repeat until sinks in)

Learn from as many people as possible this year by utilizing all opportunities.

Great thread.

Invent machine to steal BJJ skill from all the best BJJ players and upload into my head Matrix style. But failing that...

Get in (fairly) good shape.

Finally get some kind of guard game.

Start going to Judo more regularly.


Get in to a good routine, clean my diet up abit and get my cardio up and sustain it, and avoid injury cos that sucks big time.
I have been a purple for 4 years so a brown would be nice aswell.

Get my damn blue belt.

win the european championships

i agree, great thread.

try to train more w/ the gi , keeping my, "club" going

regardless if nobody wants to workout anymore and

sharing/learning from everyone.

"Learn from as many people as possible this year by utilizing all opportunities. "

I'm down with that, 100%!  Expanding the horizons is this year's theme for me.

-To make my sweeping game a priority

-To become stronger and more physical with my game.

-To continue my judo training and become somewhat proficient at at least one throw.

-To continue improving and perhaps even compete again this year.

Wind Sprints (3 X week @ 6am)

Continue refining my X-Guard

Win the Copa Pacifica in Feb in my first Brown Belt showing...

Brown Belt

Finally get healthy and be back on the mats by late summer or early fall.

In the mean time, work to use my time better by drilling with my grappling dummy, watching more film, and reading more jiu jitsu related material. Also focus on being more positive.

Post less here.

In no order of priority:

1) I would like to compete in BJJ

2) I would like to add breadth to my game. I focused on only a few elements up to my blue belt, now I want to explore everything, become a real student of the game and feel some 'growing pains'

3) Train judo consistently all year

get better without adding more techniques (ie...get better timing)....maybe even earn my blue belt...


ps: stay healthy!

to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of the women

-Keep trying to refine the basics from all positions.

-Work on my half guard from the bottom, so I can actually sweep somebody besides 100lbs whitebelts.