That's cuz we are racist and you slipped bye me.

Oh yeah NG is racist :-) Other non whites that have passed by undetected, Russ, Erica, Brad, Ian, Bao (well when he trained here :-(, Spiderman (another ex), Andrew, the list goes on and on. Oh and how can I forget myself :-)


Kirk, I'm pretty sure Shane is asian so you're not alone. I bet you didn't know that I'm an honorary asian myself. In the computer industry, I've made lots of friends and it seems that my best friends have been asian. And my second favorite food, well, my third favorite food is Chinese :-) My first is Mexican, followed by a very close Italian.


Are you going to be doing your training here or somewhere else because I saw you posting asking about another school?

TV-pricing is pretty much the same as chris
$100/month-jiu jitstu&wrestling unlimited
$125/month-with kickboxing
$60/month- kids classes
Privates-$40/half hour, $80/hour
(package deals available)
As for forms of payment i use the same billing contracts chris uses

Onenonly dan-word is you work at best buy ,can you get me a deal on a computer for the school, nothing fancy just a basic set up to keep track of my billing
thanks Tracy Hess

Yes it was too you because you said it was over for anyone that steps in your way. That was funny to me.

Good morning christopher

TV i will be opening December first accepting pre sign ups as we speak, and training in my garage for the remainder of the month if your interested, call me 562-841-8354
Tracy Hess

Do you accept challenge matches? GGRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Only from black belts in Tae-Kwon-Do with no wrestling skills ,blind in one eye,and only one leg

Tracy -

I'll sign up for December. Let me know if there are forms I need to sign or if you can get my membership from Chris transfered.

Chris -

I guess my last membership date at your school will be the end of this month. Let me know if you need me to sign anything to stop payments or if you can just handle it from your end.

I will definetly stop by time to time, especially once I get back into the swing of things. Thanks for everything.


Doh!!! How could I forget about Shane. I guess I M getting senile in my old age.
Shane SORRY!!!

Chris-Wow I could totally tell you guys were racist!!! Not. :) I'll be back next Tuesday since I'm still sick and I DO NOT want anyone to catch the flu. BTW I'm pretty much finished smoking. With the coughing I haven't been ble to smoke in alsmost a week so I figure if I can go that long and not need one I will just quit for good.


Congrats on the school Tracy!

i can get best buy discounts tracy call me.

He just wants a discount not Free :)

Kirk, I heard you got caught smoking on Tuesday :-)

I heard that too fucker

Hey, I tried to take a toke and choked. I should've never had started smoking. This is the hardest f*ckin' thing to quit but damn it I'm beating it down. Quitting drinking was a hell of a lot easier. Anyway enough Dan-ism.


oooooooh, somebody's in trouble...tsk...tsk...tsk