Ngannou Not Happy With UFC Pay After Logans Payday!

Stopped reading there.

A UFC contract is an agreement between two parties. If a fighter doesn’t like their contract, they shouldn’t agree to it. This is what keeps things balanced, and it really is that simple.

[edit] And to be clear, I don’t think the UFC pays fighters as much as they should. I’m also not a fighter and wouldn’t sign a contract if I didn’t think I was being payed enough.


Lol, good for you for “stopped reading there” as if you are the be all and know all behind the scenes of the UFC. I guess you’ve forgotten about the fighters that just wanted to move on from their UFC lives and perform elsewhere but could not because of said contracts. Contracts that the UFC gave no fucks about, especially when it comes to washed up or retired fighters. Didn’t you notice how the UFC blocked GSP from boxing DLH? GSP will never fight for the UFC again, but there they were, controlling his destiny due to “contractual obligations”. As if you are implying that there is no coercion behind closed doors or during negotiations. Get the fuck out of here with your off key smug BS sir.


UFC has by far the biggest and best stable of MMA fighters on the planet.Im sure they are making great money But the format is stale .Im still available for hire ( high paying only )

Stopped reading there.

A contract exists EXACTLY for that reason, else people could “agree” to arrangements with the UFC and just change their minds.

Remove your emotion from the situation and you will see the logic behind a contract; they’re integral to intelligently doing business. Why should the UFC simply let someone fight in another org when they are under obligation to the UFC? You must be joking.

Well then do something else Francis holy fuck. How much is the top Cameroonian MMA org paying their fighters? This is similar to the women’s soccer twats complaining they don’t make enough. Go shampoo dogs at Petco then, no one is forcing you to play soccer.

Popularity = $$$$$

Why doesn’t everyone understand this?

They get punched in the head for a living. Let’s not kid ourselves here about the types of people combat sports attracts.

I’m just grateful to be on the UG, which attracts Ivy League grads, Mensa candidates, and Nobel Prize winners.

Lmfao, imagine being a working class - working poor person on an MMA forum and being in the mental space to defend how the UFC treats fighters and fighter pay.

They raise the price of PPVS every year and make literal BILLIONS.

Jake Paul was 100% when he said the fighters create the content.

But yeah they can’t afford to pay fighters better…


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Really doesn’t matter if you can create the best content in the world if you don’t have the ability to distribute it. Every business relies on it employees to create their product. That doesn’t mean that the employee is worth a lot of money. Basically, you’re advocating for socialism/wealth redistribution. You don’t have to be rich to understand what a shitty system of economics looks like.

What’s stopping any of these guys from starting their own promotion?

Can you buy the UFC PPVs through YouTube?

Nate subbed Conor. That’s how he got his due. He beat the biggest star in the company.

This is simply gaslighting and more simping for billionaires.

There are worker co-ops that exist all around the world, some of which are worth billions of dollars.

What currently exists in the UFC, Is a shitty economic system, FOR THE FIGHTERS.

Without the fighters the UFC does not exist.

How’s the weather on planet Libertarias? Sometimes I wonder if I should board a space rocket to enjoy a truly exotic place where those alien brains of yours work totally opposite of ours.

Without the ufc the fighters might make even less, or the fights might not exist. Virtually every other promotion that has tried to compete with the ufc has failed. Why doesn’t Bellator pay more? If mma was as lucrative as you think it is then the ufc would have real competition.

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Because there’s a thing called a free market and if fighters should make more, they WOULD make more.
The Leslie Smith ones that want fighters unions want some of that sweet mcGregor $.
And she doesn’t deserve it.
Conor made millions but brought many more millions to mma.
How many of us ever werent gonna order a Ppv then went “Leslie Smith is fighting? Well I’ll definatly order it now!”

Oh c’mon, there aint such a thing as a free market! Conor is actually a bad example, because Zuffa opted on not using his star power when it was at his highest in order to not become the junior partner. Maybe this turned out the best for McGregor personally, because his whiskey venture made him rich beyond UFC control. But it’s a clear reminder that influential money men try to control the market as best they can. The invisible hand is quite visible.
Of course, on a basic level I agree 100% with you, Leslie Smith and 99% of women’s MMA is not attractive to 99% of all people. But then we have the next anomaly- why is it there in the first place, mucking up the cards? Which is another anti market argument: Influential money men tend to not care about profits at some point, if their monopolies are secure.

This is similar to women’s soccer complaining about pay

it really isn’t though

white and the fertitas built that shit, they are what made the fighters valuable.

without them what would mma fighters be making?

mma fighters couldnt push it across the line. that is the essential skill needed to add value to the fighters, and fighters don’t have that skill.

on the flip side, if it failed they would have lost a shitload of money

anyways, your solution is a worker co-op fine. the workers can get together and buy out the ufc, then distribute the profits however they agree to

Not that Ngannou is wrong, but it is kind of weird that’s coming from one that lived in TRUE dire poverty while now making millions.