Ngannou vs Fury Exhibition Update



Eddie Hearn claims that he’s heard Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou may be sharing the boxing ring in the near future, however it appears the matchup would only be an exhibition bout.

Combat sports fans have eagerly been awaiting news of Ngannou’s next fight since he signed with the PFL earlier this year, with the expectation being that the Cameroonian intends to box before returning to MMA. “The Predator” and Fury have had a number of exchanges in the past, and apparently Hearn has heard some details that indicate the two may actually be close to meeting in the ring.
“Eddie Hearn on Fury vs. Ngannou next: ‘This is what I’ve heard. It’ll be an exhibition apparently. No knockdowns or anything. I’m only telling you what I’ve heard, who knows what’s what, but I think that is apparently what is going to be the next fight.’”
Longtime combat sports fans will know to take Hearn’s comments with a grain of salt given the rarity of MMA fighters actually taking on top boxers, as well as how active Fury has been online as of late.

“The Gypsy King” briefly dominated headlines recently when he went back-and-forth with UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, which prompted Dana White to declare that he intended to make that matchup happen in the UFC. Discussions of that fight have cooled considerably in the weeks since, although Fury did claim that he’s received an offer from the UFC for a “hybrid fight” against Jones.
he 34-year-old also claimed that there were ongoing talks for some sort of a fight with Ngannou, which perhaps lends a bit more significance to Hearn’s comments regarding the state of that matchup.
It would be a bit of a surprise to see “The Predator” agree on an exhibition fight considering how seriously he’s discussed his plans for a boxing career, but if Hearn’s report is true than the money involved may be a significant motivating factor for both fighters.


NOT Set Yet

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Hearn speculates all the time and wrong most of it. He is putting it out there for leverage of some sort. He was saying it was Deonte last week.


Francis blew it.


No knockdowns?

So 2 heavyweights are going to play pitter-patter, and that is exciting???


Crazy, n not interesting at all. Francis only chance is a ko. If he’s not allowed to hit hard Fury will make him look silly.


I want to see Ngannou vs Angela Magana and Gabi Garcia in 2 vs 1 MMA in Fight Circus.

John Nutt on an 1/8th of shrooms as ref.

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Who the hell would pay to see HW’s in an exhibition match? Two of the hardest hitting dudes in combat sports but let’s watch them spar with no knockdowns

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Like a month ago Eddie was saying the fight wasnt happening.
If hes saying its happening now, he mustve heard something.
I trust him.





Stupid bullshit. Fury is legit crazy and as a boxing fan I find him to be insufferable.

I think this ship has sailed.

"Both fighters however are promising to meet in the middle of the ring, go to war and win by knockout in devastating fashion,” per a release. "

Oh yeah? Theyre promising to win by knockout in devastating fashion? Take my money!

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Clown show then.

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Lol, wtf? Fuck this

So is it an exhibition match? Why? Wasn’t Mayweather McGregor a pro match… I’m sure they could have got this sanctioned too.

Was it just because fury is champ and can’t just pick a random challenger? Couldn’t they just make it non title fight?


Lets goooo!!

Francis getting the BAG!

PFL Deal :white_check_mark:
Ownership deal :white_check_mark:
Massive Fury fight :white_check_mark:

All those corporate nut-hugging losers who were cheering at the idea of Francis losing millions by not signing with the UFC. Where they at now?

Those losers who cheer for Dana white and UFC over the fighters… Speak up.

Ngannou, the linear champion and reigning UFC Heavyweight champion stood up to big bad Dana and bet on himself and WON big.

This is a huge day for MMA.

(from locked thread - need to gloat somewhere)