Nick Diaz - Barred from Cornering

Nick Diaz will not be cornering his younger brother, Nathan Diaz, in what will surely be the biggest fight of Nathan's career. Nick, who is himself under a six month NSAC suspension, has been advised that due to his suspension he will not be able to secure a corner's license in Nevada.

Jake Shields will now travel to Las Vegas to take over cornering duties. He will be joining Gilbert Melendez and Cesar Gracie in Nathan's corner.

Wow unbelievably gay.

First Karo can't corner Manny because of Gokor's gayness.

Now this.


pretty lame..

I mean the guy is under medical suspension for a broken orbital, what does that have to do with him being in the corner??

politics IMO..

sad, to much politics coming into the sport

Fucking horse shit. These guys are fucked up on so many levels. I hope he can get a ringside seat as close to his brothers corner as possible.

I wonder if Mr. Keizer can give us a good reason as to why Nick's medical suspension is keeping him out of the corner..

are there any other fighters been licensed as seconds while under medical suspension???


the NSAC just seems to hate Nick :-(

well...there goes a killer storyline that was like icing on the cake for this fight.

So Royce gets to keep his win over Sak but Nick can't even get in a corner? WTF

Nick and Karo should get together in the parking lot and have a rematch

"Battle of the suspensions"

sucks for Nate, but heres to hoping he kicks mannys ass anyway

LOL @ draconian NSAC. When you bash them, you should be bashing the UFC too, they are one and the same.

I thought he got suspended for smoking pot. I got no prob blocking
him from the corner. Stupid, though, to lump pot with steroids and

That's ridiculous, but Nate will still win regardless.


"I mean the guy is under medical suspension for a broken orbital, what does that have to do with him being in the corner??"

lol @ you guys for thinking that a MEDICAL suspension would keep him out of the corner. He's suspended for testing positive for weed, that's why he can't corner

why blame the NSAC, they didn't shove the weed on nick.

I've smoked, but if i got popped on a drug test and was DISCIPLINED for
it, i'd serve my penalty.

Do you whine, bitch and cry if a criminal doesn't get to see their kid grow
up, no. So get a fucking life and quit bitching and quit blaming the UFC
for everything, its like a fucking area 51 site around here with all the
conspiracy theories.

and by the way, It is not even funny how much better off Nick would be
right now if he did TUF 4. He'd be rich, famous, and the World Champ.

talk about ludicrous......not being allowed to fight is his penalty, okay........but to not even allow him to corner his own fu$king brother??!? What a joke.....