Nick Diaz doesnt use steroids

Its refreshing to see that in this age of frantic steroid and HGH use, that there are still fighters with the morals and principles to achieve what they want through plain old hard work.

Thank you Nick Diaz. You are a inspiration to the UG and a great champion/representative of the sport.

Apparantly pot has the same effects that steroids do since Diaz has a 1 year suspension for pot use.

**rolls eyes

Thats fucked up , like weed is a preformance inhancing drug, If anything, Nick should be getting a bonus for beating Gomi High, by the way I don't think he was high at the time. But damn.......)They should have bought him a case of Reeses Peanutbutter cups or something....Fuck he not only subbed him, he did it high.... I would still be looking for the arena ...driving around lost

Diaz via "The Munchies"

Joking aside, I agree with you 1000000% Mikey. I can't feasibly think of a reason that Pot would "enhance" your prowness in the cage/ring.

^^dulling pain during training to allow you to train past your bodies normail limits, the same reason many fighters use pain killers.

Diaz via "The Munchies"

LMFAO Faphaloo.....classic!

if you think weed helps you tolerate pain you are fucking retaaaaarded

I agree with Mikey, infact I think weed should be MANDATORY...

lets see who's really got skills right??

"Have you ever subbed Gomi...... ON WEED?"

" if you think weed helps you tolerate pain you are fucking retaaaaarded"

I must be retarded then.  I use it for pain control and it's the best thing I've found for it.  I will admit it doesn't work for all types of pain but for auto immune gastritis, it can't be beat.

Marijuana is effective as "pain relief" for some visceral problems, but for muscle and joint pain, it is way less helpful than advil. Nobody, ever, has gained a competitive advantage in anything by smoking weed(except maybe Kobayashi and Jeff Spicoli)

Have you ever been in a fight high or have you ever been high even? It doesn't dull the pain it might relax you more but definatley doesn't dull the pain and if he was high during the match he would have had the worst case of cotton mouth ever which makes it hard to breath. Are pain killers legal to use in a match or have in your system?

Weed isn't a performance enhancer. Diaz isn't cheating by getting high.

Using decca, test, GH, etc is making you a bigger, stronger, faster athlete...THAT is cheating.

Diaz might be fucking nuts but he wins fair and square.

and any high diaz might have had was fucking blown when gomi broke his face. and he still won. if you think pot dulled that pain, you, my friend, are ignorant.

he does not use roids!

just pot!!!

"any high diaz might have had was fucking blown when gomi broke his face"

dude, stop hitting me. you're harshing my mellow

LOL @ weed being compared to a pain killer.

THC may attack the cause of the pain but it does not work as a "pain killer". Having a tooth pulled to stop a toothache does not make tooth removal a pain killer. Pot would be a performance enhancer at the hot dog eating contest but thats about it.