Nick Diaz Return This Year ? Promising Says Dana

The fight ended with Diaz curled up in the fetal position while Masvidal was raining down punches on him. :rofl:

You sound like a teenager.

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Nick’s graphic on embedded said ‘UFC Middleweight Nick Diaz’…

He must have returned to steak and chicken.

You know he is a vegan but likes to go out drinking… if I was a vegan and got drunk the first thing I would do is go eat a steak, a burger, some BBQ etc…

Interesting that the first thing you would do is find a way to put some meat in your mouth

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His window for making money is nearly shut. I don’t care if he fights again, and I was huge fan of him and his brother. They fucked around so much, claim to be ‘street’ but they are the biggest diva’s in mma history.

I dont know what’s funnier. That line or the fact it came from that screen name. Lol!

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Robbie Lawler rematch