Nick Diaz v.s Thomas Denny?

Not sure if this was posted but I just read a on Nick Diaz's Myspace page

Nick Diaz has signed to fight Thomas "Wildman" Denny at the Gracie Fighting Championships.

The show will be taking place on January 20th in Miami, Florida.

-Team Diaz

Let me know what you think about this match up

ttt for nick diaz and ceasar gracie fight team

Thomas is a cool as dude and def. bad ass, but I would have to agree Diaz is gonna take this fight in a very dominating fashion

I said I would have to agree with you and stated what you need to be a dick

Diaz by whatever he chooses. Rd 2

Diaz will take it, and Denny will again learn he's nowhere near the top caliber of this sport. Then Denny will probably come here and start a thread about how disrespectful Diaz is for owning him.

TTT for Diaz.

Your right I will be completely DOMINATED....

Good luck Denny. :p

Wildman I got u in this one, your the man brother, good luck.

ALSO, anyone with the nickname WILDMAN that fights MMA is a pimp

"gotta a link for Diaz's myspace page?"

"Your right I will be completely DOMINATED...."

atleast you can admit it.. :) j/k

Diaz via severe ass whooping.

ttt for Diaz and Denny




Thanks for the support.....

Diaz by armbar quick.

Denny is definetely a bad man, but I have to go with diaz, going to be a war imo